Monday, October 15, 2007

William Gray: we're brainwashing our children

Fox 'n Friends picks up the story of hurricane expert Dr. William Gray, who says the Al Gore global warming book gets it all wrong. Gray says we're brainwashing our children... scientists are not speaking out because they fear they'll lose their grants...

Well, absolutely, we're brainwashing our children on global warming (one sided presentations are inherently brainwashing), and we're brainwashing our children on many other issues. Among those issues: the United States is a democracy. It isn't. It's a Constitutional republic, a nation based on the rule of law.

As to global warming caused exclusively by man... Gray isn't alone in his attempts to provide material to the contrary, but the mainstream media simply won't include that side to global warming.

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Special Focus: Global Warming Issue

Gray must be steaming as hot as Hot Springs when he reads articles and headlines such as the following. Wish him well. The last thing politicians and mainstream media want is the truth, all the truth, nothing but the truth.

Colorado Could Be Facing a Tragedy with Global Warming
Published Jun 15, 2007


British Court: Gore Film 'Political'
Friday, Oct. 12, 2007,8599,1670882,00.html?xid=feed-cnn-topics

updated 8:34 p.m. EDT, Fri October 12, 2007
UK judge: 'Alarmism' in Gore film

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