Monday, October 15, 2007

PA House defeats Study Commission for Constitutional Convention

Action in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives today defeated the measure to form a commission to study the Constitution of PA and to make recommendations for amendment or revision. The vote was

Nay 118
Yea 83

Primary sponsor of the bill was Rep. Dwight Evans.

Thank you clear thinking 118. For the time being, our PA Constitution is safe from tampering for all sorts of reasons. In fact, one of the representatives who spoke in favor of the study commission began listing a whole host of things that could be considered IN A CONVENTION. I was wondering when he was going to pull out the handkerchief and bring in "the children" - we need a convention to revise the PA Constitution, for the children, I was waiting to see the tears flowing.

Our PA Constitution is not at fault for the unconstitutional actions of members of the legislative body who not only voted themselves increases in salary back in 2005, but who voted to take the pay raise in the form of the unconstitutional vouchered expenses.

The action today not to form such a commission shows that many there are aware the Constitution is not at fault.

One member, Rep. Baker said he opposed the measure because the reforms desired could be proposed and enacted per the channels already available. He revealed all of the mail and e-mail he received on the issue was running 100 percent against the study commission and a convention.

See sidebar information for the dangers of holding a PA Constitutional Convention.

(Net the Truth Online posted Monday, Oct. 15, 2007 from first-hand viewing PCN broadcast of House Chamber vote)

HB 1179


Rep. Babette Josephs

Pa. House rejects study of constitution, vote to shrink assembly
10/15/2007, 6:54 p.m. EDT
The Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The state House on Monday voted against a proposal to establish a commission to consider changes to the state constitution and against forcing a vote on a bill to shrink the size of the Legislature.

The chamber, on an 83-118 vote, rejected legislation that would have set up a 15-member commission to suggest potential amendments and recommend whether to convene a constitutional convention.

The House then defeated by a 65-136 vote a rarely used "discharge" resolution that would have bypassed the State Government Committee and brought directly to the House floor a bill to cut the General Assembly's 253-member size by one-fifth.

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