Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Save Second Base" Promotes Teen Sex

Seriously, is this country going down the Orwell double-speak road. Quicker than Flash Gordon can get to the crime scene.

It's OK to promote t-shirts which have a known sensual double-meaning to tweens and teens - at school? Just let them sell the tees...

That's the position anchors of Saturday's Fox 'n Friends apparently took while interviewing a couple of teenage girls who tried to sell the t-shirts at a school football game. The youth were denied access by the school district because the tee's contained a slogan with an "indecent" double-meaning which is not allowable under the school's guidebook rules.

We wonder what would have been said if a couple of 16 to 18-year old "boys" were trying to sell the t-shirts at middle schools? How about at Pre-K public schools? tiny ones for the little tots. They'd have been hauled away for sexual harassment and pedophilia as quick as you could say "Save Second Base."

Being of a libertarian bent, and a supporter of the first amendment, I don't like the fact that the school board can establish rules for what kind of speech is allowable on school property. They limit one kind of speech, then they can limit another kind of speech. There isn't an end to their power of limitation.

But they can legally do so and they did in this case deny the students access to sell the t-shirts on school property.

Where were the parents? Do the parents think the Save Second Base tees are funny? Humorous? Not promoting sexual activity among their own children?

Are they out of their minds?

The odder situation is the charity which adopted the slogan as a way to raise breast cancer awareness.

The intention of the slogan is to be what - a joke? To whom? Teenage boys, teenage girls?

In an society where teen pregnancies present an ever increasing societal problem, the promotion only raises snickers, not awareness of breast cancer.

The charity should pull the t-shirts now. The charity shouldn't continue to use the youth of our country to well you know the word - a product that clearly encourages youth sexual activity before the youth are mature enough to handle the potential resulting pregnancy.

Save Second Base promotes teen sex.

The idea strikes out among anybody with any common sense left.

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