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JAG episode tackles war crimes trial

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Iraq's Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction agasinst his own people, says Harm, during the trial...

No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, says prosecution witness...

Not yet, says Harm...

JAG episode features a war crimes trial against the United States for an attack on a hospital where it was suspected terrorists were hiding but innocent civilians killed and injured.

Who are you?

America has been a symbol of hope for the world, we accept our responsibility which all civilized nations should to fight against tyranny... take up arms against violent men who threaten security... we reserve the right to protect ourselves...

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When civilians are killed in a bombing raid, an International Criminal Court charges the United States with war crimes and the SecNav is the one on trial representing the USA. The SecNav is defended by Harm, Mac & Bud who find they must also defend the United States decision for waging the war. At the end, the court finds the USA on the following charges:

Crimes against humanity - Not Guilty
War Crimes - Not Guilty
Intentionally targeting non-combatants - Not Guilty

Willful destruction of civilian property - Guilty.

The court orders the USA to provide reparations to the town of Tikifa in the amount of $20 million US dollars.

The prosecutor mentions to the SecNav that he doesn't agree with the verdicts, but pleased the SecNav won't have to go to prison. In response, the SecNav states that the two countries have been friends for too long and they both go off to get a drink together.

Back in the USA, when Bud has to fly overseas to help defend the SecNav, Mike is asked to babysit little AJ who takes him to play video games. When he has to purchase additional tokens so AJ could play one more game, Mike is shocked to find that little AJ has disappeared, necessitating a search for him that has Bud flying back to the USA in the middle of the trial.

Mentioned is U.N. Resolution 1441 (Iraq ignored),GGLD:2006-40,GGLD:en

Established in 2002 and located in The Hague, the ICC has jurisdiction over war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. It has been the subject of episodes of TV series such as "The West Wing" and "JAG," and was recently featured in the movie, "The Interpreter," starring Nicole Kidman. The ICC has been a controversial topic for the Bush administration, which opposes the court for fear that it could bring politically motivated prosecutions against U.S. officials. But last March the United States permitted the U.N. Security Council to refer the Darfur situation to the ICC for prosecution, thereby implicitly recognizing the court's legitimacy and usefulness to American foreign policy. The ICC is currently preparing cases for prosecution involving Darfur, Congo, and Uganda.

International Criminal Court in popular culture

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