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Lou Dobbs slams NY Governor Drivers' Licenses for Illegals

Illegals OK'd to drive in N.Y.
By Joseph Curl Washington Times
October 20, 2007

See today's Lou Dobbs Tonight program for Part 2 of the action by Governor Eliot Spitzer to grant illegal aliens a "right" to New York drivers' licenses which will look just like the licenses taxpaying citizens obtain.

Dobbs also landbasted Hillary Clinton's double-speak position on the licenses, unlike the New York Daily news which presents Hillary's dual position as if it's well, not.

Hillary cheers, but doesn't back Spitzer license plan
Friday, October 19th 2007, 9:54 AM

Democratic White House front-runner Hillary Clinton stood up for Gov. Spitzer's efforts to pull illegal immigrants "out of the shadows" - but stopped short of backing his controversial plan to grant them driver's licenses.

Clinton told a newspaper in New Hampshire, home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, that Spitzer's got the right idea.

"I know exactly what Gov. Spitzer's trying to do and it makes a lot of sense, because he's trying to get people out of the shadows," Clinton told the editorial board of the Nashua Telegraph. "He's trying to say, 'Okay, come forward and we will give you this license.'"

Spitzer has faced strong opposition - even from many fellow Democrats - for proposing to grant licenses to undocumented residents, insisting it will help track criminals and improve road safety.

A recent Siena poll showed an overwhelming 72% of New Yorkers oppose Spitzer's plan.

Clinton was careful to say immigration - which has become an explosive issue in the 2008 race - must be addressed on a national level.

"I mean, this can't work state-by-state. It has to be looked at comprehensively," said the former First Lady, who applauded President Bush for attempting immigration reform.

Battle Over Licenses For Illegals in New York Intensifies; Interview With Laura Ingraham

Aired October 17, 2007 - 18:00 ET

And Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York apparently determined to ram his proposals to give away illegal alien driver's licenses down the throats of voters and lawmakers. Spitzer is using what he calls steamroller tactics. We will have the report.

And I will have a few words for the governor and "The New York Times" about honesty and responsibility in politics and journalism.

...Coming up here next, Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York using every tactic possible to crush opposition to his proposal to give away driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Bill Tucker will have the report for us tonight -- Bill.

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, Spitzer earned a reputation for being a pugnacious attorney general and he hasn't gotten any nicer now that he's living in the governor's mansion -- Lou.

DOBBS: Thank you very much.

And I will have a few thoughts of my own about, well, journalism and politics, a few thoughts for "The New York Times," as well as the good governor.

All of that and a great deal more coming up here, including one county in Virginia refusing to be intimidated by socio-ethnocentric special interests, and corporate America standing up against illegal immigration. We will have that special report.

DOBBS: Well, if you're concerned about this country's open borders and absolutely unlimited illegal immigration, it turns out, despite what the White House is saying, the congressional leadership is saying, and, of course, corporate America and socio-ethnic interests are saying, it turns out you're in good company. And the lie is ending.

It is now clear that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to giving driver's licenses, for example, to illegal aliens. A brand-new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll just released shows 76 percent of all Americans oppose that idea. Less than a quarter support it.

The issue is back in the national spotlight because of New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer, a man I have called, as "The New York Times" reported, facetiously, a genius, because he wants to give away driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Governor Spitzer is ignoring public opinion in his own state showing fierce opposition as well, to the plan. He's also ignoring a rising revolt within his own party.

But, as Bill Tucker now reports, there are charges tonight that Governor Spitzer is retaliating against his opponent, and, in turn, hurting the very people he is responsible to represent.


TUCKER (voice-over): New York State funds health care to the economically disadvantaged and the uninsured, but now comes word that the governor has cut more than $400,000 worth of state health care in education funding to the district of one of the governor's staunchest opponents of his plan to give illegal aliens driver's licenses.

Almost one quarter of that was for funding for a free medical clinic for children. The cuts were no accident, says Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco.

JAMES TEDISCO (R), NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLYMAN: He wants me to back off my position of keeping this a secure state by not coming out in opposition to giving illegal aliens driver's licenses. And, if I don't, he reaches around me and goes into my assembly district and takes money away from kids who don't have health insurances.

TUCKER: The governor's office says the cuts were not retaliatory. A spokesman notes that ample discretionary funds were available to the assemblyman for the projects, but that he chose not to fund the projects.

Going against Spitzer is tough. He's already threatened the Senate majority leader with an IRS investigation for getting in his way. He's threatening to sue the county clerks for not implementing his policy.

It's a style that Spitzer, himself, admits is akin to a steamroller. Ironically, almost as a reminder of what is at stake surrounding this driver's license dispute, a major identify fraud ring was busted in the New York City borough of queens on Wednesday; 41 people have been charged with supplying fraudulent government identity documents such as resident alien cards, Social Security cards and driver's licenses.

(END VIDEOTAPE) TUCKER: Now, the point that was made repeatedly today at the announcement of the indictments, driver's licenses are source documents from which, Lou, fraudulent identities can be built.

DOBBS: And often are. We have had huge arrests just in the last couple of days here in New York on more document fraud, identify fraud, and, of course, for the purpose of perpetuating illegal immigration in this country.

This governor, he's described himself as a steamroller?

TUCKER: Oh, yes. And, well, in a family-friendly way, he said, I'm an F'ing steamroller, and I will roll over you and anybody else that gets in my way.

He was responding to Assemblyman Tedisco earlier this year. Different topic, but Tedisco is accusing him of being a bully, basically.

DOBBS: Well, he sounds like he's accusing himself. And you said family-friendly. That's because you used that expression, rather than the governor's.

TUCKER: Yes. The governor didn't censor it.


DOBBS: Well, let me give the governor a description that he might consider for himself. How about spoiled rich kid brat who is treating New York residents as if he thinks they're his rich father's tenants, instead of citizens? I wonder what the governor would think of that.

And the governor, by the way -- I want to repeat here, Bill, we have invited Governor Spitzer to come on this broadcast and discuss and debate this issue. The man doesn't have the backbone. He may be what he calls a steamroller, but I think he's a weak-kneed, spineless steamroller, who is absolutely acting against the interests of his citizens and ignoring, ignoring the will of New York State citizens.

It's absolutely an outrage.

Bill Tucker, thank you very much.

Well, later on this broadcast, we will hear from two New York State officials, one Republican and one Democrat, who have been ordered to give driver's licenses away to illegal aliens. I will also have a few thoughts about what "The New York Times" today reported as my crusade against the governor's plan to give away illegal alien driver's licenses.

And I will set the record straight on just a few thoughts from both Albany, the governor's thoughts, and, of course, some of the reporting of "The New York Times" -- a little irony there.

And another CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll just released finding more than half of all Americans say police in their communities should -- should be allowed to arrest illegal aliens solely for breaking immigration laws.

Prince William County in Virginia is one such community already demanding and taking action. It voted today for one of the country's toughest crackdowns on illegal immigration. Its decision could have implications for local communities, towns and cities all across the nation.

As Lisa Sylvester now reports, the open borders, amnesty lobby is fighting this new effort with protests, boycotts and, of course, a federal lawsuit.

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