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Radio Talk Show Host in the Politcal Mix for Top County Office

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WMBS 590 radio host of Let's Talk, Bob Foltz has had to leave his position at the radio in order to seek office for county commissioner as a write-in candidate in the November 6 General Election.

It's not surprising that Foltz had to step back from the position within a mere few days of the rumor of his write-in candidacy surfacing during calls to his program on Monday and Tuesday.

Wouldn't it be absolutely head-spinning if Foltz, a registered Democrat, with a widespread local following, won the third spot with the other two Democrats, knocking out two Republican candidates, and the one Independent candidate?

Voters in the General Election race for commissioner have the option to select two candidates among the 6 now running for the 3-member board of county commissoners.

Such would be head-spinning, but not surprising in the known Democrat stronghold.

A week or so before the announcement, when the focus was on the Republican Party's scrambling to replace incumbent county commissioner Joe Hardy when he bowed out of the General Election, a caller to Foltz's radio program said Fayette is overwhelmingly Democrat. Foltz agreed, with the Republican voter-registration outnumbered by a three to one ratio, it isn't surprising.

The caller said if 3 Democrats were running it would be a slam dunk for the Democrats.

Guess what, there are actually now basically four Democrats running.

Independent candidate, Marilyn Cellurale, while not seeking a nomination in the Democrat Primary, changed her voter-registration from Democrat to independent after the Primary.

The two Democrat Primary winners were Vincent Vicites and Vincent Zapotosky.

Republicans in the county are not only outnumbered by actual voter registration, the party naturally remains composed of many former Democrats. In fact, some candidates for public office have regularly switched from Democrat to Republican and back to Democrat. Oftentimes it seems like political musical chairs.

The 2003/04 county commissioner elections saw two Republicans taking the majority for the first time in decades. That may have been an anomaly then, and it is yet to be seen whether Charmaine Sampson and Angela Zimmerlink, the two female Republicans, can pull enough Democrats behind the pair to sweep back into the majority.
But the entry of Foltz into the mix in the countywide Democratic stronghold may change things toward the Democrats.

Foltz has voter registration in his favor. As does Cellurale.

The Democrat Primary winners may be at odds with each other, but the Democrat Party base isn't stupid. They want a return to a Democrat majority in the county. With Foltz a registered Democrat, with high name recognition, it would not be surprising if many Democrats cast a vote for Foltz rather than either of the two Republicans or Independent, or one or the other vying Democrat Primary winners.

Foltz has more to his benefit to pull out a "longshot" to win one of the three county commission spots.

With a couple of long-time political savvies, he's recently formed a local non-partisan political organization called We the People of Fayette County. (Course, how can the group now be considered non-partisan with a write-in (Democrat) candidate as one of its founders?)

The group already promoted a meet the candidates night, any and all candidates are invited to attend to introduce themselves at the local Polish Club for late October. (Checking date)

Now that Foltz is an announced "write-in" candidate, he'll have an opportunity to be among the candidates who attend the meeting and introduce themselves for a 5-minute period.

Should the other commission candidates also show, the meeting should be one of the most well-attended of all the local candidate forums coming up.

Come November, it will be interesting to see how Democrats will swing the county, all Democrat, or a split...

With a 3 Democrat 1 Independent (Democrat) to 2 Republican advantage, dare anyone place bets?

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Cellurale for Commissioner

Charmaine Sampson

Vincent A. Vicites

Vincent Zapotosky Chamber membership info

Angela Zimmerlink

Foltz running as write-in in upcoming election
By Amy Zalar, Herald-Standard
Updated 10/17/2007 09:00:07 PM EDT
Local AM radio talk show host Bob Foltz announced Wednesday that he is running a write-in campaign for the position of Fayette County commissioner for the upcoming municipal election.

With the announcement, Foltz will have less than three weeks to campaign before the Nov. 6 election, and because he is a candidate, he will no longer host a daily radio show and get free publicity.
Foltz, a registered Democrat, confirmed Wednesday that he seeking the job and was informed by his station manager that as a candidate, he cannot be on the radio. Up until Wednesday, Foltz hosted a daily radio show, "Let's Talk," on WMBS 590 AM of Uniontown.
The names of five candidates, including two Democrats, two Republicans and one Independent will be on the Nov. 6 ballot. Voters wishing to cast a ballot for Foltz will have to use the dials on the electronic voting machine to spell out "Bob Foltz."
The Woodlawn Avenue, Uniontown man said he isn't seeking the position because he is against any of the five candidates already running. "I am pushing to do the best for Fayette County that I can do," Foltz said...

Now it's 6
5 to run for Fayette county commissioner seats
By Liz Zemba
Friday, August 3, 2007

A Fayette County businesswoman has entered the race for county commissioner as an Independent candidate.
Marilyn Cellurale, of Lemont Furnace, filed nominating papers with the county election bureau on Wednesday, the last day to file. She listed her party as "Cellurale County Commissioner."
Cellurale, owner of the family-run Cellurale Garden Center on Route 119 South in Dunbar Township, could not be reached yesterday for comment.
She becomes the fifth candidate seeking three seats on the board. The others who are running are incumbent Republicans Angela Zimmerlink and Joe Hardy, and Democrat Vince Vicites.
The only other challenger to the three incumbents is another Democratic candidate, Vincent Zapotosky...
Fayette Election results unofficial
Election Day edition
May 15, 2007
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
With 91 percent of the vote counted, unofficial results show Mr. Hardy with 2,971 votes, behind fellow Republican Angela Zimmlerlink, with 3,093 votes. On the Democratic ticket, Vincent Zapotosky has garnered 8,558 votes, followed by Vincent A. Vicites, with 7,621 votes.

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