Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PA effort alter Electoral College Protection Underway

Full Press Snup Constitution Underway in PA

Had known about the National Popular Vote Initiative months ago, watching to see if PA would make an attempt to follow suit. Unfortunately, the misguided are at it again attempting to alter the intent of the Founding Fathers by implementing the Electoral College for Presidential Elections. Most simply don';t understand why, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution adopted the protective measure, and don't want to. Every individual who runs for the presidency understands, and that's why you won't hear them demanding the Electoral College be abolished.

Well, except for Hillary Clinton, who now hails from New York...that explains a lot.

PA could join effort to alter electoral college vote count 10/22/2007
Tim Lambert and Radio Pennsylvania
(Harrisburg) -- A multi-state effort to change the way votes in the electoral college are counted has the backing of a Pennsylvania lawmaker. Democratic Representative Mark Cohen of Philadelphia has proposed committing the Commonwealth's electoral votes to the winner of the national popular tally for president. He says both the state and the country will benefit according to an analysis from the Cato Institute.

Vermont lawmaker Christopher Pearson is working with a number of states on similar efforts, as part of the group "National Popular Vote."

Even if Cohen's plan passes in Pennsylvania, the agreement wouldn't go into effect until states representing the majority of the total Electoral votes have signed on to the effort. So far, 47 other states have introduced similar bills -- with only one, Maryland, signing the legislation into law.

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