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Ilana Mercer Wrong on Bush by Net the Truth Online

Libertarian writer Ilana Mercer's, "Slouching Toward Socialism," World Net Daily, March 2, 2007, concocts a George W. Bush who never was.

Mercer's title holds up George W. Bush as a political leader "slouching" toward socialism - veering left.

Bush isn't leaning there.

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a red and blue top hat that appears empty, Mercer conjures a George W. Bush as Mercer wants us to see him becoming.

She doesn't show us George W. Bush as he has been all along.

Mercer's lead 3-worded sentence sets the stage for illusion. "Bully for Bush".

Horrah for Bush, when Mercer isn't cheering. Her entire performance is designed for us to acknowledge as accurate her unmasking George W. Bush as an almost-decided socialist.

Mercer whisks her wand to the right, to the left, resting closer on the latter position as the next line reads: "The president has achieved another milestone in his mission to bridge the philosophical gap between conservatism and left-liberalism."

Bush on a mission, achieving another milestone in that mission, but not quite transformed from conservativism to left-liberalism.

With wand in hand, Mercer jabs at Bush's own moniker for himself as "The Decider."

As if we're watching the wand tap the left side of the hat, that description leads the reader's mind to smile. A bit of laughter early on puts us at ease, rather than at attention.

Like any good magician, Mercer focuses our attention exactly where she wants it, and where she wants our attention is a Bush leaning (slouching) toward socialism, with evidence of Bush's actions - recent.

Mercer writes: “The Decider” recently endorsed the socialist concept of a wealth gap, and promised to do his level best to level the playing field through the familiar distribution schemes: “helping people afford health insurance and providing more money for education, including increased Pell grants for college,” to quote the Wall Street Journal."

Mid-piece, Mercer writes: "Since he has already adopted the language of “class struggle” and inequality under the law, Bush is unlikely to point out anytime soon that the much-maligned rich also pay most of the nation’s taxes."

(Actually, Bush usually raises his shoulders and snickers when addressing the U. S. taxation system and indeed points out the greater burden placed on the top 5 percent of taxpayers in the nation's graduated income-taxation system.)

Further in her commentary, Mercer claims to "offer another correction for defecting conservatives like the president..."

Wrapping up her commentary, Mercer states: "Whether he is addressing the “wealth gap,” galvanizing government to “create jobs”; capitulating to climate-change crazies or rabbiting on about renewable energy — Bush just cannot tell his left from his right.

That ends Mercer's magical presentation of a President on his way to clasping socialism - his mission, unaccomplished as of the writing of her piece.

President George W. Bush isn't slouching toward socialism. He's been there, done that from the very beginning of his presidency.

Why did Mercer choose to portray George W. Bush as if his actions showing him as adopting socialist policies are something new and unachieved?

Why the mirage, hiding the reality of Bush as was and as is?

Adopting the language of socialism immediately after September 11, 2001 should've been the billboard announcing George W. Bush wasn't slouching on his way left. He was there, then, and has remained there ever since.

A defecting conservative? Bush never was a true conservative.

He never will be a true conservative.

He and each and every other national office-holder who proclaim on the one hand how they are conservative yet continue a federal income taxation system that is the embodiment of socialism.

When they all had the chance, a conservative Republican majority in both the House and Senate with a Republican president, they didn't once attempt to revert the nation to its original foundation.

For the first time in some forty years, a majority Republican Congress with a Republican president, and not once was there a piece of legislation known as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to abolish the graduated income tax - the embodiment of socialism.

The reality of a socialist nation is there for all to see every single time an individual is forced to pay taxes on his or her labor to a national government.

A true political conservative would make noticeable attempts to return the federal government to its limitations as envisioned by the Framers of the United States Constitution. Instead, President George W. Bush expands the federal government and its reach to include the No Child Left Behind Act which Bush unveiled on September 10, 2001 and planned to continue to press on September 11, 2001. Though his plan to impose a national education standard on states was interrupted in the aftermath of 9/11, it wasn't deterred or stopped. Since then, President Bush has done more than any other president in the history of our nation to force national influence and national concepts on local education.

Mercer missed the evidence that reveals Bush as he has always been.

Her conclusion "Bush just cannot tell his left from his right" is continuation of the fallacy that Bush has a right. He doesn't, and that's the reality.

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Slouching toward socialism by Ilana Mercer
Posted: March 2, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

World Net Daily

Bully for Bush. The president has achieved another milestone in his mission to bridge the philosophical gap between conservatism and left-liberalism. "The Decider" recently endorsed the socialist concept of a wealth gap and promised to do his level best to level the playing field through the familiar distribution schemes: "helping people afford health insurance and providing more money for education, including increased Pell grants for college," to quote the Wall Street Journal.

Some people are richer than others. Others don't like it. It's called envy. Aggregate individual differences in the ability to accrue wealth are not the best measure of the country's economic well-being. The demand to reduce these differences, or soak the rich, is, however, a good measure of envy. Substitute wealth with another individual difference: beauty, for example. Is it fair that some are more beautiful than others? Since it's impossible to lay claim to their physical assets, perhaps government ought to compel the beautiful to subsidize plastic surgery for the congenitally ugly...

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