Friday, March 30, 2007

CNN Duo Lou Dobbs & Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper of AC 360 is the man to watch. During his program last night, he and another anchor talked about the Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner. Anderson asked her if she attended. She replied, no, she isn't in that class to be invited.

Anderson said he's attended once in the past. Now he finds that's not appropriate...

He said exactly what we've been thinking and posting. What kind of professional journalists party with the very people they are supposed to be grilling with questions we, the people out here don't get the opportunity to question?

Lou Dobbs Tonight has been coverning the Ramos and Compean prosecution and conviction nonstop for months, and we're sure he didn't attend. If he had, they'd have probably had to throw him out because he'd have shouted out their names and asked why they were still in prison and why George W. Bush has refused to look at the entirety of the case, not just what his Attorney General, Homeland Security Director, and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton are telling him happened - none of them were present at the scene.

The prosecution of these men is one of the worst actions our government could have ever taken. It shows an out-of-touch government ready and willing to prosecute our own law enforcement persons on the word of a known drug-smuggler.

That isn't to say that rogue law enforcement and border patrol agents shouldn't be investigated and prosecuted on the evidence when that evidence shows culpability.

The Ramos and Compean case isn't an example of rogue agents out to shoot unarmed people whether they are crossing the border illegally or legally.

In fact, something really smells about the entire case, unfortunately though Dobbs had U.S. Attorney Sutton on his program after he had spokespersons for Ramos and Compean, he failed to ask the really pertinent and provoking question that has been brought up on websites dedicated to the case.

And though Dobbs asked Sutton who referred the case to Justice, or Homeland Security, he failed to press Sutton for more than the mumblings he gave. In several instances during the interview, there's crosstalk so we can't read what was said and we couldn't understand what Sutton said at the time while viewing the interview.

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