Friday, March 23, 2007

Evidence convincing humans blameless on global warming

Students weighed the evidence presented to them, and determined from the evidence humans aren't to blame for global warming. Let's repeat that over and over...

Global warming on trial
Sixth-graders decide that humans aren’t to blame
Publish Date: 3/23/2007
By Ben Ready
The Daily Times-Call

LONGMONT — Humans don’t cause global warming, a jury of sixth graders at Trail Ridge Middle School concluded Thursday after hearing opposing arguments from their peers.

“They’re pretty young for this kind of thinking. They did great,” paleontology teacher Ken Poppe said after the 40-minute “trial” in his classroom.

With Earth’s warming accepted as a tenet, pre-teen “lawyers” and “scientists” debated whether humans have caused it.

Eleven jurors listened intently as prosecutors and defendants flashed contradictory graphs tracking global temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, polar ice cap statistics, volcanic activity and sea surface temperatures — all of which were found Wednesday in the school’s computer lab...

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