Friday, March 23, 2007

Sec. State Demands Resignations Cuyahoga County EB

(OH) Ohio sec. state calls for resignation of entire Cuyahoga County Elections Board

On the local ABC News affiliate this morning, it has been reported that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Bruner has called for the resignation of all four Cuyahoga County Board of Elections members...

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Article published Wednesday, March 21, 2007
1 Cuyahoga County elections board member quits, 3 defiant


CLEVELAND — One of four elections board members from the state’s most populous county quit today but the others defied a demand by Ohio’s chief election officer that they resign by the end of the business day.

Edward C. Coaxum Jr., a Democrat, resigned from the Cuyahoga County board in compliance with Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s demand that they step down over persistent voting problems

Republicans Robert Bennett, the board chairman and head of the GOP in Ohio, and Sally Florkiewicz said at a board meeting that they wouldn’t resign. Democrat Loree K. Soggs said after the meeting that he also would stay on the board.

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