Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Accidental Overdose by Injection

Seminole Tribe Police: Accidental overdose cause of death of Anna Nicole Smith.

OK but what all exactly was in her body if there were no "pills?" Oh, drugs given by injections? Guess she gave herself an injection of a drug in her behind.

Yep. That's what Howard K. Stern said to investigators, according to Fox News Report - Anna Nicole Smith injected herself in the left buttocks.

(Any bets there is an explanation should Stern's fingerprints show up on the injection needle)

Press conference continues...

Tuesday... she couldn't eat, she had only fluids. Wednesday went to breakfast and dinner had chloral hydrate medication.

Feb. 8 Stern says he woke up and Anna Nicole was awake at 10 a.m. asked for his help went to bathroom - on way back she went back to bed to go to sleep. He left and never checked on her again... she was still watched by wife of so and such

Perper doesn't even name these people!

at 1:30 pm. she was unresponsive.

How long did it take before taken to hospital... he confirms there was no delay atrophine medication given in resuscitation minimal effect...

right but what is the meaning of "long" - ten minutes? 20 minutes?

On the Nancy Grace program - a previous appearance - Dr. Perper was way off in his statement that Anna Nicole must have still been alive when people tried to resuscitate her otherwise, they wouldn't have bothered to attempt to resuscitate her. The medical examiner even said on the Nancy Grace program - her body felt warm to those attempting to revive her.

Well duh, she had been laying in bed covered with sheets, and another medical examiner explained it takes quite a long while for the body temperature to go down to a noticeable chill, cold body!

This smacks of a coverup. Wonder when Perper will receive royalty checks for an increase in sales of his earlier book?

Officials: Anna Nicole Smith died of accidental overdose
A drug overdose killed reality TV star and former Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith, Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger said today. Tiger said there was no evidence of foul play and the overdose was accidental. Tiger said the case was now closed.

Nancy Grace segments Anna Nicole coverage


Officials: Accidental overdose caused Smith's death
POSTED: 10:41 a.m. EDT, March 26, 2007

• Smith autopsy results briefing

• No illegal drugs found; death accidental

Court TV

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