Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Resistance is Futile: Bush's Magical Morsels Misundermesstimated

Hey we came up with the Misunder-mess-timated. Just today. Inspire-nation abounds.

Net the Truth Online

Rolling Stone Magazine Presents

President Bush, Thanks for the Memories
...But hey, it wasn’t all bad. Face it, the man could make us laugh (when we weren’t crying). The guffaws were hardly intentional, of course, but these days, we’ll take levity any way we can get it. He choked on a pretzel, fell off a Segway and scared away small children (oh, and he also declared a premature end to a war that still rages on).

So we’re sharing our most memorable moments with George, magical morsels of the misunderestimated one that we’ll fondly recall long after he stumbles off into the sunset:

• President Bush, Thanks for the Memories

• Bush Apologizes: The Farewell Interview We Wish He’d Give

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