Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44th President of the United States & First Lady

Best. We really mean it. Maybe all the talk about personal responsibility will really hit home during the White House years. It's up to Obama to make the internal change to go along with the outer-ward changes he intends.

Maybe he'll realize government doesn't work when it is involved in every aspect of the life of citizens. But we don't expect he's ever read Harry Browne, or Ayn Rand.

The seed is there, it's just not being watered properly.

Still, we wish the best based on Obama's expression of support for personal responsibility. The attitude at its base makes Obama a winner. Just some tweaking to realize government has its Constitutional place, the rest is up to us.

Obama's comments about personal responsibility:

Obama promises new age, calls for personal responsibility
By: Calli Turner


Obama Speech Calls for 'Era of Responsibility'


Crowd applauds Obama's call for personal responsibility July 15, 2008


"I am making a commitment to you as the next president, that we are going to make government work," he told volunteers at Coolidge High. "But I can't do it by myself. Michelle can't do it by herself. Government can only do so much....If we're waiting for someone else to do something, it never gets done."...


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