Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Lady Michele Obama: Dress for Change

Everybody is catching the fever?

Will we all 'dress' for change? Whatever change means for each of us individually? Will we put on the style outside, but remain the same inside?

the most inspirational part of the inaugeral? For us? Frigid temperatures around the nation. Shows the global warming hoax for what it is. A hoax.

Washington was cold oh my goodness just like every other January! Possibly a little colder temperature-wise.

Meanwhile, an ice-sculpture of Al Gore will remain in Fairbanks Alaska until March or if and when it - melts from all the unusual spring temps...

Diary of events (still time to change from the drib-drab yellow, First Lady Michele Obama!)

OK. Update: First Lady Obama's white gown for the evening balls was spectacular! The choice could not have been better than this one. It was reflective of no other First Lady in the history of our nation. Not one other.

Truly unique to FL MO. We were wondering after the yellow bricade coat in the morning. Once the coat was off during the lunch, we could see why FL MO chose that design over any others. It was form-fitting with a light jacket sweater with a tie in the front.

Some commented it was reminiscent of a 'yellow ribbon' tied as a message the troops are coming home.

Could be. Wonderful if that was the case. A walking message. Who'd have thought?

Earlier post includes thoughts about HRC.

Don't miss the post about a Fayette PA family's offer of pet puppy - a Labradoodle - to the Obama family.

Without the coat, during the afternoon luncheon, the yellow dress is a standout, a knowckout really with a subdued jacket/sweater. the brocade coat gone for this event.

Like to say the yellow brocade outfit is classic, but seriously, yellow? Material adds some pounds though Mrs. First Lady Michele Obama can afford with her statuesque shape.

Love the coat combo. Probably very warm lining. But where are the boots?

Was hoping she would have changed from the morning yellow church outfit, well there is still hope she will make a switch between noon and evening events.

And add a pair of stylish, classy boots.

These boots are made for walking... straight into the hearts of the American public. Here you thought we'd say 'guts.'

See the photo we posted at the bottom of our site. Embrace her.

The photo speaks more than words could ever ever say.

OK at the luncheon, the coat is gone, and the form-fitting yellow dress maybe with a light sweater overlay looks as good as a painting displayed behind her First Lady.

Look closely seriously, she is a standout among all the other women in all their other color combos.


PS. Hillary in a striking royal blue long coat and egads, pants. Oh geesh.

As for our Hillary Clinton crystal ball. Look for her to languish in limbo for a while until Caroline Kennedy is named as her replacement to the seat Hillary had to resign. Once Caroline takes the oath and is sworn in, we look for a full and complete investigation of Bill Clinton's finances and donations to his library and foundation from foreign interests. In one case made public, Clinton didn't even give a speech for the half a million or so he received.

So what did he do or what was he expected to do?

We look for a pull back on Hillary's confirmation once all the details of the Clinton foundations etc are made known. The devil is in the details.


Best to Caroline... though we don't agree on those policy issues, her charity work is not to be surpassed.

If only the idea that government need not be a nanny to us or godfather asking for our 'allegiance' in return, no matter what government does unconstitutionally, would really take hold in these people there really would be the kind of lasting change this nation needs.

Ah well. One can hope for the enlightenment...

Net the Truth Online

The outfit "was made for Michelle with extra warm linings sewn into the [innerlinings] that she wouldn't freeze," Toledo's husband told the Daily News.

A spring version of the dress - which will retail for around $1,500 - will hit Barney's in March.

Evening Gown reviews

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