Friday, January 09, 2009

Morning Joe No Real Questions Gang

Richard Haass on Morning Joe again. This time Pat Buchanan is nowhere to be seen. Easy out for Pat. He can't ask the President of the Council on Foreign Relations anything at all because he is not present. Last time Haass guested, Pat Buchanan sat right across from him, silently, not asking one question about the role of the CFR in foreign affairs since its inception in the United States...

What Pat could've asked: how many of your members or associate members have been elected to the highest offices in the land for the past my adult lifetime timeframe years??? How many have served in past Presidents' Cabinets over the same period...

And how much more.

Today on MJ we've got Mika B., Travis Smiley, Scarborough, and what's her name Peggy Noonan, who asks nothing deep of anyone since John McCain became the Republican Party nominee for Prez.

Scarborough defending the name of Reagan.

What's the gang discussing? Israel and Hamas.

Tap dancing... nothing more or less than talking all around the involvement of the United States in ANY foreign affairs.

Net the Truth Online


March 29, 2004
Contact: Morton A. Klein
Phone: 212-481-1500 Print | Email

NEW YORK - The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is disappointed that Yeshiva University has chosen as the keynote speaker for a Y.U. dinner this week Richard Haass, a veteran State Department official who during his years in office repeatedly criticized and pressured Israel and justified the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, and more recently blamed Israel for “provoking” Palestinian Arab terrorism.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein has sent a letter to Yeshiva University president Richard Joel, expressing the ZOA’s strong disappointment over the choice of Haass, in view of Haass’s record on Israel.

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