Thursday, March 18, 2010

Should Republicans Stop Demon Pass? No. States should

We think not. Please let the meaneuver go through. We need this to go forward and we need the Democrats to be returned to Congress in overwhelming numbers.

We need 40 more years of the Democrats in the majority after they were in the minority about 12 years and only recently swept into the White House, Senate with for an all too brief time, a veto-proof majority, and in the House of Reps.

Stay out of the transformation of America, Republicans.

We need this shot in the arm to keep our addiction to Mommy/Daddy government going.

The states, that is another question. Should states Stop Demon Pass?

Yes, they can. And they should.

Every single one of them should file whatever nullification paperwork is necessary to deem this law null and void - it is unconstitutional for the federal government to order individuals to purchase anything no matter from whom or what entitity.

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