Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PA Election Flawed with Un-purged Deceased

Do we know for sure whether or not the state's database of voters, called the SURE system, will contain the names of deceased persons remaining on the local listing of voter registration rolls? Some 67 counties make up the state, each with its own voter registration list. Among those 67 counties how many have conducted any review of their voter registration list prior to the upcoming 2010 May Primary, and how many have followed procedures for voter removal of at the very least the names of the deceased?

If a county's voter rolls contain the names of just a handful of deceased who would be disqualified from voting, of course, one would think, and a few of the deceased names show up on nomination petititions of candidates prior to the cut-off date for challenging such petititions, isn't the upcoming election 'flawed' from the get-go?

In the majority of candidate nomination petitition filings, there has been no challenge filed by either citizen-voters or opposing candidates in the Primary.

It's interesting to find that a few such filings have been made, but these unfortunatley are more geared to removing the eligibility status of the candidate from being on the Primary ballot than on finding the inaccuracies of the county's voter registration list!

The voter registration list then becomes a mere political game and is never challenged for being inaccurate and potentially posing an avenue to voter fraud and election fraud if ballots are cast by absentee or at the polling place using the name of a deceased person remaining on the local/state listings.

List of challenges to nomination petitions

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U.S. Supreme Court refuses Fairchance candidate's case
By The Tribune-Review
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear the appeal of a failed candidate who alleges impersonators may have voted in place of dead voters in Fayette County.

In an decision posted Monday, the court denied Robert "Ted" Pritchard Sr.'s petition to hear his case alleging voter fraud.

The court's refusal to hear the case marks the latest loss in a series of court battles the Fairchance man has waged since having run unsuccessfully for constable and district judge last year.

Pritchard took his case to the U.S. Supreme Court after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in December upheld a lower court's dismissal of his lawsuit. Pritchard had sought emergency motions to stay the election results of the May primary and November general election.

Pritchard had alleged that Fayette County failed to purge voter registration lists, resulting in impersonators possibly voting in place of deceased voters.

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