Wednesday, March 03, 2010

President Obama Admits Smoking Won't Quit Save Tax $

It's no wonder President Barack Obama has chosen to pursue elected office over employment in the private sector as he continues on his course of choosing to smoke.

All of his medical bills are covered by the taxpayers. Whether in Chicago government as a state Senator, Congress as a U.S. Senator, and now as President, Barack Obama has had his health care insurance funded in part or in whole by the taxpayers of his state of residence, and now by U.S. taxpayers.

Not one Democrat(ic) lawmaker has said, Mr. President, stop smoking, stop today, right now, cold turkey, for the good of the well - the rest of us in the same pool as you are. The government pool.

Understand they will never do that. Never. The Democrat(ic)s will never call out President Barack Obama.

Who believes if former President George H.W. Bush or former President George W. Bush had proposed mandated health care insurance coverage for all while choosing to continue a habit of smoking they would not be blasted for the hypocricy?

By members of their own party, Republican, and members of the Democrat(ic) Party.

You don't have blinders on, right? You're seeing the game clearly for what it is, right? Those with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage. That's a goal of the Democrat(ic) proposal for health care insurance coverage for all, mandated to be purchased by all. So is lowering costs for the insurance, right?

It's a ruse that costs can be lowered for all when the healthy have to pay more to help pay for those who are unhealthy because all will be in the same "high-risk" pool.

That's the Democrat(ic) plan.

to put everybody - state by state - of course - in the same pool of insured.

Now this works in government for the insured because the taxpayers are paying for the coverage. There's no incentive for President Barack Obama to quit his habit which only adds to the cost of health care coverage for himself and for the other government employees in the same pool.

The healthy government workers are in the same pool as unhealthy (if not now down the road surely as it is known smoking causes a host of problem health conditions) President Barack Obama but why should they care if premiums go up because of President Barack Obama down the road when he's deemed to be unhealthy?

And will we ever ever ever be told President Barack Obama has developed lung cancer?

Of course not.

The same could be said regarding former Vice President Dick Cheney. It was known he had heart problems going into the campaign for the Vice Presidency. Yet did we ever see Mr. Cheney go on a full fledged weight reduction program? Did Vice President Dick Cheney ever lose a decent amount of weight while VP so the cost of health coverage might go down?

How about former Vice President Al Gore? My goodness during his Vice Presidency the man ballooned up to a weight that could only be considered grossly obese to the point one had to wonder whether he'd become bed-ridden. The beard later after he lost his bid for the Presidency did not hide the fact of his poor health condition.

Where do the currently un-insured fit in? some may have pre-existing conditions and some may not. How many are currently uninsured, and who are they?

According to President Barack Obama in his statement during the Health Care Summit with Republicans sitting by listening, President Obama noted a figure of 30 million uninsured in the United States.

Meanwhile a few days later, a Democrat(ic) Congresswoman um guess who stated 47,000 uninsured. (Nancy Pelosi)

Which is it?

And why didn't Rep. Pelosi, Speaker of the House, for goodness sake, stop the President and give the number she believes is more accurate?

These people ask us all to believe they are going to fix the 'broken' health care insurance coverage system all the while they can't even get the numbers of uninsured down to an accurate factuality.

Who are the uninsured? Few will lump in the illegal aliens remaining in the country either working with social security numbers (also illegally obtained) or not working, or employed without social security numbers.

How will the mandated health care insurance coverage be managed when at the least some 22 million assumed to be not covered are illegal aliens?

High risk pools according to a WND TV report will have to spread the cost of covering those with pre-existing conditions among - guess what sit down before you fall if you haven't already guessed - the "healthy."

That's right. Those who take care of themselves, don't drink to excess, don't smoke, don't do drugs, maybe exercise weekly, eat propertly and are not overweight, will be paying for the pool of those with pre-existing conditions no matter how those conditions occurred.

The obesitity problem alone in this courntry has skyrocketed to out of sight proportions. People cannot stop eating the wrong kinds of foods, nor can people stop eating excessivily.

type 2 diabetes has grown into the single largest health care problem in the country.

Type 2 Diabetes involves the development of "insulin resistance" a condition that can be reversed.

Yet people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes continue to consume the foods with the bad carbs and sugar laden foods and they are not going to stop consuming these foods to belong to a "low risk" pool where costs would naturally be lower in cost than a "high-risk" pool.

No these people will not change their habits and will not beat their "addictions" to food or drugs or alcohol so they can pay less for health care insurance.

They will be enabled to continue their poor habits because the "high risk pools" will be paid for by sharing costs from the higher premiums for the "healthy" to pay for them!

Is this not insanity?

Why not put all of the smokers for instance in their own health care insurance pool?

President Barack Obama should be the first to step up. When their health care insurance coverage costs skyrocket, and they have to pay for it themselves, not have somebody else - taxpayers or healthy - pay for them - how soon will they stop smoking?

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