Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The "Deem Team" In Your Face at the Doctor's Office

Poster PeteP at the Volokh Conspiracy comments on the article: Would Deem and Pass Survive Judicial Review?

PeteP says:
One thing is sure — it WILL be challenged in court, repeatedly. The AG of Virginia even sent Pelosi a letter today ( basically ) stating that he would challenge it.

So, the political question is — Do the Dems want to risk that ongoing headline for months and months ?

The Deem Team should be scared — very scared !

Another thing is for sure — anyone who’s not totally confused by all this hasn’t been paying attention :-)


March 17, 2010, 5:58 pm

Clever. The Deem Team!

And we answer the question, Yes, the Dems will chance whatever headlines come about because the Democrats have one goal in mind with the majority power they hold now.

They have always wanted big government to take care of you.

And they will get this health care insurance 'reform' bill passed as law every which way they can.

And as Nancy Pelosi stated, then Americans, then, you will know what is in it.

Guess this isn't what's in it now, right?

Tonight, Wed. March 17, 2010, Congressman Altmire D-PA said on Hannity he did not have the final version of what is in the "reconciliation."

Obviously, if he doesn't have it, the link provided by the House Budget Library is not the final version of the Reconciliation bill.

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Would “Deem & Pass” Survive Judicial Review?
Jonathan H. Adler • March 17, 2010 5:45 pm

Politico reports that quite a few constitutional experts, in addition to Stanford’s Michael McConnell and Yale’s Jack Balkin, believe the so-called “Slaughter Solution” (aka “Deem and Pass”) could present a thorny constitutional question. McConnell thinks it’s clearly unconstitutional; Balkin believes its constitutionality depends on its final form.

Adam Sullivan says:
Confused: I’m a bit confused by this deem and pass discussion.Liberal blogs have noted that there will be a vote by the house, which is why we keep seeing articles every day on who in the house will vote which way.How is that vote being discussed not sufficient?I’m not saying it is.I’m just honestly confused by all of this.

It is that the “vote” is on a rule and not the bill itself. If you look up Pelosi quotes and Slaughter quotes from last week you will find that they explicitly crafted the rule to give wavering members of the house an excuse of “I voted for the rule and not the bill, and the Senate tricked me on reconciliation” to tell voters in November.

The rule is supposed to have a scheme wherein the Senate bill is passed conditionally on the Senate accepting the House terms on reconciliation via reconciliation. That way there is no debate in the Senate and they can pass it by simple majority and prevent filibuster.

We are all waiting on the particulars of the rule itself and what the reconciliation terms are.


March 17, 2010, 6:21 pm

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