Monday, March 22, 2010

Main-Scheme Press Failed Americans

It's our opinion the so-called mainstream Press just turned itself into the Main-Scheme Press with how this health care 'reform' vote came to be done in a reconciliation bill vote.

2,400 pages. Where was it? Main-Scheme Press where was it? The final version was never online because Pennsylvania Ardmire said last week he did not have the actual reconciliation bill available to him before he was about to vote in a few days.

Where were the headlines proclaiming neither the Democratic White House or the Democratic Congress had kept the details to themselves.

The online newsworthy item to make it out to the public? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Congress would have to pass the bill before people knew what was in it... she continued because the bill was in a fog of misinformation.

Well how can there be any accurate information if the entirety of the bill isn't published and available online for interested reviewers? Let alone for legislators?

And what misinformation?

Double counting Medicare savings? To gain the revenue neutrality presented as Yes we can do this without breaking the budget?

Congress had just prior to this vote adopted a more expansive debt ceiling.

so that's not telling us anything, right?

Individuals will be mandated to purchase health care insurance?

Is that misinformation?

And where were the headlines the dasterdly insurance companies are not prevented in this bill from raising costs down the road?

Nowhere. But now the reconciliation bill, let's be clear what was passed - a reconciliation - has been passed - now Lawrence O'Donnell is OK with stating the insurance companies are not prevented from raising costs to the consumer.

The Main-Scheme Press should go down in history as the most inadequate in the history of our nation.

It's timefor something new.

All of us versus them.

Net the Truth Online

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