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MSNBC Report: Napolitano: Abdulmutallab was properly screened

Abdulmutallab was properly screened...

Keep repeating that Janet and maybe everybody will believe you and you won't be given the boot by President Barack Obama.

How is it the man was properly 'screened' before boarding the plane from Amsterdam to Detroit? What is the definition, yours, of 'screened?' Of 'properly screened?'

The man was or was not on some sort of a terror or person of interest watch list.

Which is it?

Was he?

Wasn't he?

Was the man's name on a list that should have raised a concern when correlated to the same name being on a flight manifest before takeoff?

Which is it?

Detroit terror attack: Plane bomb suspect was barred from Britain
Former London student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who was charged with attempting to blow up a transatlantic airliner carrying 278 passengers, had been barred from Britain...

Abdulmutallab finished an engineering course at the University College London last year, but a fresh visa request was refused in May after he applied for a bogus course, Whitehall sources said.

The 23-year-old son of a wealthy Nigerian banker was charged in hospital last night with attempting to destroy the aircraft during its final approach to Detroit airport on Christmas Day, the US Justice Department said.

And did the man produce a passport at any time before the flight took off?

Metro Live report Dec. 26, 2009

Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport ( exclusive)
By Sheena Harrison |
December 26, 2009, 2:22PM

Where in the world was Janet at 2:22 PM December 26, or before that she didn't get this fed to her blackberry?

Imagine a United States citizen trying to board a plane in the U.S. to anywhere else and not producing a passport? Think it would be properly screened for such a no-passport person to board and leave the U.S.?

Search results

For her negligent remarks, alone, Napolitano should be fired, immediately, effective today.

We net users and bloggers have acquired more info in a couple of days just from a variety of reports than Napolitano could have and should have had in a few hours with access to international law enforcement info and a team of investigators scouring news feeds and the like which are able to be tapped within hours of any incident anywhere in the world.

Right, he possessed a valid U.S. Visa, though. Guess that qualifies as all one needs to get into the USA.

Members of a wealthy Nigerian family have confirmed to journalists that he is the son of the former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, the BBC's Caroline Duffield reports from Lagos.

The Dutch counter-terrorism agency NCTB said the suspect boarded a KLM flight from Lagos to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, then connected to the Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit.

A preliminary investigation found that security procedures were followed correctly, and the man had a valid US visa.

Uhhuh. The same type of Visa as some of the reportedly 19 September 11, 2001 hijackers had in their own names which were also on a watch list back then.

Sound like a repeat. Except for the fact the device was not detonated?

My goodness, what process is used to deter drug smuggling? Is there nothing to detect drugs being smuggled into a country by hiding it in underwear?

Howard Safir reporting there is technology to detect explosive substances... well really now we have to search everybody when this man's name was ON A WATCH LIST and his own father made a claim he was a danger and potentially plotting something yet nobody checked out the father's story? Nobody coordinated data from any other data gathering intelligence system?

We don't need more intrusive screening at airports. Full body scanners, right. What we need are the watch lists shared with airport security and international VISAs checked minute-by-minute.

So the man's name didn't appear on a no-fly list. What do we have to hold the hands of airport security and tell them, uh hey, he doesn't have a passport, so, uh check out and verify why not?

Nigerian accused of attacking US passenger jet

...The suspect's name was in a database indicating "a significant terrorist connection" although it did not appear on a "no-fly" list, said New York congressman Peter King, a member of the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee.

Net the Truth Online

Must read, we just don't use the same language to convey our disgust at Napolitano, but have to say, well said.

Privileged Terrorist Allowed On Plane Without Passport... (WTF Janet ???)

We agree. So many 'mistakes' sounds familiar. Everything that could go wrong, did, but for the so-called defective detonation of the material. UHUH. How about determining where the substance (incendiary) originated? How about checking what is needed to ignite the substance? How about... but that's too much for Napolitano, who claims "properly screened" so she'll be collecting her paycheck as the rest of us ask the pertinent questions.

Peter Santilli

Northwest Flight 253: They Would Have To Conspire To Make So Many Mistakes
Let’s take a look at the facts thus far regarding the attempted bombing of the Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit by self confessed Al-Qaeda associate Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

... Homeland Security has a budget of $55 billion dollars per year to provide security to the American public. They focus so heavily on harassing old ladies in wheel chairs; making them take their shoes off & throw away their hand sanitizer. They also treat former US Marines (like myself) as if they’re terrorists; they shake down millions of innocent Americans at security check points, and force everyone to discard their $4 water bottles.

In my opinion, the whole system is yet another scam to bilk and deceive taxpayers. Equipment & systems are expensive, therefore, there’s a lot of financial incentive to keep terrorism in the minds of the taxpayer. Look around you at the airport, and ask yourself whether its possible that the entire scam is designed to make passengers feel “comforted” by the grueling screening process. For me, I now realize that all the commotion at security checkpoints is also designed to make taxpayers comfortable about spending $55 billion on “Homeland Security”.

The so-called system not only failed, but it failed so miserably, that one could think seriously about the possibility of a conspiracy to keep the money flowing. Think about it, what better way to keep $55 billion flowing than to help a radicalized, brainwashed 23 year old onto a plane with a bogus bomb. On top of that, just imagine how much more money could be siphoned from American taxpayers if the war on terror could be expanded to Yemen.

As to my personal opinion, I believe deep in my heart that our entire system is ruled & governed by the military/industrial complex. There is no direct, personal accountability for security failures — watch, an investigation will be performed, but no individual will accept blame or be fired; it’s designed that way.

Our system is not designed to serve people, it’s designed to feed corporations. If the people are disgruntled, disappointed, or demand accountability, the “machine” deflects from human responsibility & fabricates yet another method of preventing future occurrences; by spending more taxpayer money...

We'd like to see a more in-depth treatment of Santilli's opinion.

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