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Andy Stern Quotes Communist Manifesto

But Stern denies he's anything less than a capitalist...

SEIU's Andy Stern Denies He's A Radical!
2009 November 13
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...In a Washington News Observer video, Andrew (Andy) Stern, boss of the radical union SEIU, denies Glenn Beck’s frequent accusation that Stern is a radical. (see first video below)

Despite what Glenn Beck says, I am a capitalist, not a socialist, communist, or anything else he’s called me in the last two weeks...

A Country That Works
Center for American Progress
October 10, 2006

The Center for American Progress held an event last week to discuss the new book by Andy Stern, A Country That Works. At the event, Stern discussed the central theme of his book, a calls for unions to “recognize competition” and adapt to the “global economy” by dropping demands for “trade barriers.”

Stern urges unions build a “global union movement” that can defend worker’s rights in the new economic environment. He also calls on unions to form “labor-management partnerships” in order to achieve their goals.

Stern used the event to deliver a critique of the ideas and strategies held by many of America’s labor unions. Under Stern’s direction, the SEIU split with the AFL-CIO in July 2005. Labor unions have traditionally called for the rollback of free trade agreements, arguing that they hurt manufacturing jobs. Stern, however, rejected calls for the reinstatement of “trade barriers,” shunning the protectionist and anti-globalization rhetoric usually associated with union leaders.

Stern called for the formation of a “global union movement” that works within the new economic realities. In his opinion, unions must first cooperate at the international level in order to achieve success in their own countries. Quoting The Communist Manifesto, he said that “Workers of the world, unite!” is “more than just a slogan.”

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