Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fox Gretchen Americans Would Favor Paying Taliban Not To Terrorize U.S.

How silly are these ideas floated every so often. This one is nothing new. The U.S. has paid lavishly before for the same type of thing. Russia comes to mind.

Beware the U.S. is headed for destruction but not from without, from within.

The Founding Fathers warned of this. Turn away from the ideal of individualism and limited government and you get a monster government that cares only to feed itself on your earnings. It will take and take and give to whomever it damn well pleases.

We'd have thought, however, that no matter who proposed the idea to pay terrorists to not terrorize, would have been met with outright rejection if not protest by at least somebody at Fox this time around.

Nope. Even Fox talking heads fall for this ruse of an Afghanistan war and any other such related proposals to pay terrorists to refrain from attacking the U.S. is sick.

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