Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Judge Napolitano Sadly Nothing To See Move On

Judge Napolitano: two problems the government (Obama Administration) is taking tax dollars and giving money to people to pay mortgages with... the government has no money of its own, it is borrowing and in debt... and second, the government (Obama Administration) is browbeating banks to forgive the loans/debt.

This only creates a "mess."

Hmmm. Judge Napolitano only had a couple of mninutes on Fox 'n Friends this morning to explain anything and that is negligence on the part of Fox 'n Friends.

Maybe he'll go into more on his own net programming, or other Fox appearances later in the day.

But why the teaser? Obviously to get people who are hooked on Fox to watch all of it.

Meanwhile, we remain skeptical of Judge Napolitano who has been a huge advocate of a second federal Constitutional Convention.

Please read our posts about the issue and the inherent danger of such a convention.

Namely, a convention called by the states according to Article V cannot ever be limited to proposing only those amendments pre-set as a condition to calling the Convention.

The precedent-setting first Convention (1787) call is the basis for the inability to limit delegates to the Convention to any conditions - once they are in session.

At any rate, Judge Napolitano is admirable, but he's not saying anything about the comments of Damon Vickers, either.

We haven't heard any recently and it's only been since Nov. 9. Vickers made his statements on Asia Squawk Box.

We'll check. One would think the Judge and everybody else there at Fox would latch onto Vickers' pronouncements about the coming global financial crisis = global currency = global government = new world order.

Maybe not until it's a done deal.

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