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Danger in PA Property Tax Elimination Proposal S.T.O.P.

We'd like to agree with letter-writer on the sentiments expressed in "Stop tax-relief ruse" but find the wording is unclear and sounds very much like the S.T.O.P plan proposed on the grand old USA site.

The letter-writer only mentions residences, and neglects to clarify whether the reference applies to primary residential property, all residential property, and/or business or commercial property.

We can only assume then the letter-writer is actually referencing the S.T.O.P. plan.

(it appears we're right on the connection of the Tribune-Review letter-writer, Bednar to the S.T.O.P. proposal as her name and publication of a short letter to Sen. Logan is mentioned by Bob Logue who started the S.T.O.P. effort:

If so, that plan does not apply to all residential property, nor does it apply to business property.

And the PA Constitution would need to be amended in order for the proposal to fly.

On our Vote Fix site, we previously analyzed the S.T.O.P. plan.

STOP tax reform plan Guts PA Constitution

What's sad is most people will read letters-to-the-editor such as the following and actually agree with the contents, but won't understand fully the proposal - if it indeed is the one proposed by S.T.O.P. coalition - applies only to 'primary' residence.

Beware of any legislative proposal which needs any tinkering with our PA Constitution such as a referendum and/or a state Constitutional Convention.


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Stop tax-relief ruse
Saturday, December 5, 2009
To all the voters: When you talk or write to the candidates who are running for governor, ask them how they stand on abolishment of all three property taxes.

These include the school, municipal and county taxes. If only the school tax is abolished, we still will be liable for the assessments/reassessments of our properties, and our county and municipal property taxes will keep going up along with the sheriff sales, etc.

We will still be paying rent to the government and our homes will never be ours.

We don't want to hear the words ''reduction" or "relief.'' Tell your senator and representative that we are tired of the 30-year deceptions about ''reducing'' property taxes on our homes and that you want property taxes totally abolished.

We are tired of all of the deceit we keep getting from our representatives and senators, and we are aware of how costly these sheriff sales and assessments are to the taxpayers. They are all fraudulent promises, and we won't stand for it any more.

Don't let them tell you otherwise.

Alene Bednar Ford City

Senator Logan,

I have been advising quite a few Reps to contact you and Rep. Gergely about the STOP plan. Have you heard from any of them? I haven't heard anything about the total abolishment of our property taxes lately either. Where are we on this? Please reply so I can pass your information on to the other members. Sincerely, Alene Bednar.

Senator Logan's reply:

I have not heard from any of them. The bill is introduced and waiting for Republican Leadership to bring this issue up for discussion. But at this time to my knowledge, there are no plans to bring this issue up for debate. Keep up the fight.

Sean Logan

Bob Logue Comments: First, let me commend Alene Bednar (above) and everyone of you and your families and friends who have been contacting your PA Senators and Representatives, as well as the announced candidates for Governor. Keep it up...and encourage others to do the same.

Senator Sean Logan wrote the STOP legislation to abolish all property taxes on primary residences in 2003...and has continuously supported the STOP Primary Residence Protection Plan. He again reintroduced our legislation in the current legislative session.

You will note in Sean's response to Alene's inquiry--that his bill is waiting for 'Republican Leadership to bring this issue up for discussion (in the Senate).' He is right. Movement on legislation to bring to a public referendum, changing the constitution to permit 100% of all property (real estate taxes) to be abolished on primary residences passed the house 192-0 in the last legislative session which ended in 2008. The legislation then went to the Senate and was sent to the Senate Finance Committee. To their credit, the Republicans and Democrats on the Finance Committee voted 12-0 to bring the legislation to the full Senate for debate and a vote. However, the Republican Senate leadership instead sent the legislation to the Appropriations committee to die...which it did as the session ended.

Some in legislature may believe the current economic situation in Pennsylvania and across the US is the wrong time to be considering such a dramatic change in our method of taxation for our schools, counties and municipalities. The opposite is true...

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