Monday, August 06, 2007

Voter Registry Database Signatures Potential for Fraud

The county's database of some 89,000 plus registered voters should be on trial - yesterday.

An investigation should already have been started by the county Election Boards across Pennsylvania the instant the state imposed the new statewide "electronic" registry of voters on counties. (In Pennsylvania, the database is called, SURE)

And the state should have assigned each county an election overseer to monitor the process of ensuring that every single signature which was scanned into the new digital database from the original voter registration cards were indeed valid and current, and not duplicated in any other county, precinct, and/or state.

Who on earth scanning in thousands and thousands of voter registration signatures would have known if individuals had moved from the district to another district, or to another state, or were deceased?

Nobody checked the names prior to scanning in the signatures. This county had not undergone a purge in current times and many of the names may not have been checked due to the excuse federal regulations impose waiting two federal elections before removing "inactive" voters.

Yet, every county in PA was mandated to scan in signatures and input the old data from cards potentially dated from the early 1900s!

Pennsylavania legislators have failed us since they did not require a check of the local voter registry prior to the signatures being scanned.

It is yet to be seen whehter an investigation will unfold but the start should be with the county database of registered voters.

Controller wants inquiry of Lally's election tactics
By Patti Dobranski
Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Fayette County row officer who lost the Democratic nomination in the primary election wants the election board to conduct an investigation of his opponent's election activities.
Mark Roberts, the controller, petitioned the county's election board late Wednesday to "investigate violations of the election code and several other crimes Sean Lally" allegedly committed.

Among the offenses Roberts alleges Lally committed are false testimony, election fraud and illegal voting.

In the primary, Lally won 52 percent of the vote to Roberts' 48 percent. Before the primary, Roberts tried unsuccessfully to have Lally removed from the ballot by challenging 15 of his nominating petitions on grounds they were plagued by irregularities and deficiencies.

Mark Roberts petitions election board to investigate claim By Amy Zalar, Herald-Standard
Updated 08/04/2007 12:06:03 AM EDT

Fayette County Controller Mark Roberts, who lost his bid for the Democratic nomination for re-election earlier this year to Sean P. Lally, has petitioned the county election board in an attempt to investigate alleged election fraud by Lally.

The petition, filed Wednesday afternoon, asks the election board to "investigate violations of the election code and several other crimes Sean Lally committed in connection with his campaign and candidacy for the office of Fayette County controller," the petition states.

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