Monday, August 27, 2007

Former PA State Rep. Questions Lack of Action on Property Tax Reform

In actuality, the state legislators will never totally reform the state's property tax system as it brings in way too much revenue (especially for local school districts) that could never be totally made up by other taxes. As well, since there is a definable amount of property to tax, there is a definable amount of revenues to spend and spend and spend.

That would not be the case with a mixed system, especially one based on a sales tax which could be have the potential to be as variable as "inflation."

What is needed? Elimination of the state in education. Get the state out of public education and costs associated with educating a child will decrease dramatically. Private-run schools will be numerous, have built-in diversity, competitive to produce the best educated, and cost effective.

Imagine an educational system which doesn't have any politics in the administration of schools. No more quibbling among elected and unpaid school board directors who also won't have the power to hire family members and friends for high-paying jobs.

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Herald-Standard Letter-to-the-Editor
Ex-rep still wants tax reform

After reading the Pennsylvania House Speaker's recent quotes about the many legislative priorities, I came away appalled that tax reform was not even mentioned.

Immediately after the last election, legislative leaders acknowledged that tax reform is one of the greatest concerns of Pennsylvanians. But now we learn that tax reform is not even on the agenda.

It's simply unbelievable.

Larry Roberts

Former state representative...

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