Monday, August 06, 2007

Candidate Won't Challenge Nomination Petitions

Hooray, finally, somebody gets that the United States is a republic, a nation of laws, with a democratic process of elections and legislative system...

Still, if a candidate seeking office, no matter which office and no matter who, circulates nomination petitions and there is the potential of irregularities, shouldn't somebody challenge such petitions?

Doesn't the nation of laws rest on principles?

It is after all as well, the sworn duty of county officials who comprise the Election Board and the Voter Registration Commission to enforce and uphold the state election laws. That includes being the keepers so to speak of the county voter registration database.

Somebody needs to weed the county's voter registration database of any and all ineligible voters. Start with an accurate database, and there will be less of a liklihood of fraud and tampering with the database during the political process of elections.

First and foremost, as noted before, it is the voter registration database which must be purged of names of the deceased and names of those who have moved out of the state and, this is important, do NOT maintain a permanent residence in the state.

As well, those who have moved to another precinct in the same county should have their voter registration updated, now, today.

Similarly with names which remain on the voter registration rolls of other counties within the state even though those persons moved to another county in the same state. Those should be updated, now, today.

When the database of voter names remains inaccurate, year after year, none of us can truly trust that someone might not be tempted to misuse the database.

The current county election board and registration commission should review all names on the database of electors prior to this next election of November 2007, and begin the process to ensure the registry is accurate so as to preclude potential for fraud and tampering.

It couldn't be more simple than that.

There is time to conduct a review, and send out confirmation of voter registration mailings.

A republic, indeed, a nation of laws, no matter how tiny and insignificant they may appear...

None of that is to claim there are irregularities and fraud going on with these local nomination petitions.

Evidence rules, not rumor, not speculation, but cold, hard facts and proof.

It all boils down to this: upon taking office elected officials raise their hands and swear to uphold the laws, all of the laws, including providing for a process of elections which is trustable.

5 to run for Fayette county commissioner seats
By Liz Zemba
Friday, August 3, 2007

A Fayette County businesswoman has entered the race for county commissioner as an Independent candidate.
Marilyn Cellurale, of Lemont Furnace, filed nominating papers with the county election bureau on Wednesday, the last day to file. She listed her party as "Cellurale County Commissioner."

Cellurale, owner of the family-run Cellurale Garden Center on Route 119 South in Dunbar Township, could not be reached yesterday for comment.

She becomes the fifth candidate seeking three seats on the board. The others who are running are incumbent Republicans Angela Zimmerlink and Joe Hardy, and Democrat Vince Vicites

The only other challenger to the three incumbents is another Democratic candidate, Vincent Zapotosky.

Zapotosky said he does not intend to challenge Cellurale's candidacy.

"I have no intentions of challenging Ms. Cellurale's nominating petitions," Zapotosky said. "It's a republic we live in, and it's a democratic process."

Zapotosky said he looks forward to learning more from Cellurale regarding her platform.

Zimmerlink, Vicites and Hardy could not be reached for comment.

Several individuals filed nominating papers to run for other offices...

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