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Minnesota Bridge Collapse Conspiracy

we'll remain neutral on the Shadow Government angle a while longer. However, don't think there is a plan in the works to connect Mexico, United States, and Canada?

Think again...

Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

Raises the question which unfortunately isn't as far out there as Katrina conspiracy...

Minnesota Bridge Collapse: Shadow Government Terror?
By Darren Weeks


Minnesota Bridge Collapse: Shadow Government Terror?
By Darren Weeks

As I covered last night on the radio broadcast, it seems that my earlier worries about the Minnesota bridge collapse being used as a springboard for more highway privatization is coming to pass.

The Christian Science Monitor published an article on August 10th that questioned, How to pay for US road and bridge repair. In the article, they state:
For infrastructure wonks, it's a rare moment of national focus on an unglamorous responsibility of government. Long neglect, however, has led to an expensive maintenance backlog, meaning lawmakers may look more seriously at newer financing models such as a mileage tax or privatization.
They explore toll roads in depth.

As I pointed out in my blog entry, 'Privatization' the Hegelian Solution to America's Infrastructure Problems, the collapse of this bridge happened along the I-35 "corridor", which is a part of the planned North American Super Highway System. As a part of building this massive transportation project, I-35 must be widened. The plan is to have five lanes in either direction, along with railroads, pipelines, and other utilities.

With the collapse of the I-35 bridge, "President" George W. Bush has pushed for, and CONgress has approved $250,000,000 in emergency funds to rebuild the bridge. According to an August 13th Associated Press report, the bridge will be widened to accommodate additional traffic that will flow when the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership is fully implemented...

...We know that no grant, public or private, ever comes without strings attached. The same is true for federal emergency assistance to rebuild this bridge. It is hence acceptable to presume that this bridge will have to be rebuilt in the timetable and manner, according to the specifications and dictates of the federal government. This is a very convenient development for those who wish to kick-start the North American Super Highway System in the northern part of the country. How many other bridges along the NAFTA corridor system will be replaced now because they are a part of "America's aging infrastructure?"

Additionally, as Nancy Levant and I discussed on the August 6th Govern America, the video footage of the collapse was very peculiar. We were told that the bridge had failed at one end, and then that failure caused the rest of the bridge to fall. But the video that was repeatedly shown on the televised news reports showed the entire center section fall all at once and straight down. Nancy expressed my opinion very well when she said that "it looked like a controlled demolition".

We are now told that police are searching for a man in a kayak that was seen around the bridge just before it collapsed into the Mississippi River. Are we to believe that a man in a kayak actually did something to cause the massive I-35 bridge to collapse?

We are also told that the rebuilding of this bridge will be funded by tolls charged to the end users, or the funds will have to come from public-private partnerships ("privatization"). How ironic that the NASCO corridor will be a privately-funded toll road when the project is completed and opened to the public...

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