Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where has E.D. Hill gone?

Depending on one's viewpoint, one of the original of the trio anchors of Fox 'n Friends has gone far, or not far.

Check out Fox News LIVE. (10 a.m.) That's where E.D. will be. Many who have watched Fox 'n Friends and E.D.'s cutting-edge interview style will be anxious to hear and view how she interviews without interruption from offhand 9rarely pertinent) remarks by Steve ok I'll refrain from the misspelling of his name using double doo's Doocy.

some believe the move by Fox was abrupt and consider this a demotion for Hill.

We are a laughin' at that. This change puts E.D. right alongside anchors who are actually "journalists," unlike Doocy and Kilmeade. We say E.D. should have her own several hour-long program called something like HILL-town! To of course replace the now reportedly gone, gone, gone DAYSIDE. (I thought of HILL-side, but why bring up potential memories of the horror of DAYSIDE.) Yes, HILL-town it should be.

Where I searched and found news about E.D. and what happened to her as I usually only watch Fox 'n Friends and stop there til the evening so I'd have missed completely E.D. is on LIVE, probably for weeks.

Hey E.D. wearing an eye-catching red outfit and carries this off so well. Now I'd have gone with black for the next week out of respect for the absolutely horrid Amish school-house murders.

I'd also be bringing on the founder of often to discuss the effects of anti-depressant drugs on patients, reportedly causing homicidal thoughts. (See previous post.)

Well now, I don't have time to be writing here all morning about E.D. Hill. If you agree with me though, that E.D. should have her own program called HILL-town, write or email Fox News - it couldn't be easier using their News Tips section.

DOOCY and his gawdy-awful new book happymarriage or happycouples or whatever happy happy is plastered all over the Fox News site, even coming up in the search results for E.D. Hill.

I just put the title out of my mind because really I do not believe Doocy is truly happy in his marriage or as a person. Sorry, he is just too upbeat, happy, smiling - it's like he is hiding something behind his happy mask.

Maybe E.D. begged to be sent elsewhere on the network cause of the fake-happy doocy.

E.D.'s recent column,2976,161,00.html

Thanks to a poster from for the link

Where is the outrage?!

PS E.D. is right on oops almost said "target" don't want to do that after seeing the anti-J.D. Hayworth ad wherein J.D''s political opponent displays J.D. in the crosshairs of the scope of a gun - well she is outraged on the right side in her commentary.

George Soros should be E.D.'s first interview on her HILL-town program.

Ask him about voter fraud, E.D. We would!

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