Friday, October 13, 2006

O'Reilly on 9/11 conspiracy theorists

Ranting O'Reilly, lumping 9/11 truth-seekers as conspiracy theorists based on the so-called Scholars for 9/11 Truth and in particular Kevin Barrett.

Too bad Big O can't do even minor research and when he has the "scholars" on his program, zap them with questions about their statements and research resources.

He's just solidifying the supporters of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Keep checking Net the Truth Online.

More finds:See Error: the Pentagon Attack Left Only a Small Impact Hole

The most common argument advanced to support the no-757-impact theory is that, on the one hand, there was almost no aircraft debris outside the Pentagon, but on the other, the hole in the building's facade was much too small to have admitted the plane into the building. The conclusion that no jetliner crashed there seems simple and inescapable when presented with certain photographs. However, analysis of the available photographs shows that the debris outside the building is difficult to quantify, and the dimensions of the impact hole (or more accurately, holes) are frequently underestimated.

Hole Dimensions

Some of the most prominent advocates of the no-757-impact theory have radically mis-characterized the dimensions of the impact "hole". Thierry Meyssan describes the hole as 15 to 17 feet wide, apparently on the basis of photographs, such as the one to the right, in which the spray from the fire suppression efforts obscures the first floor, which had far more extensive damage.

'Only A Small Plane or Missile Could Have Caused Pentagon Damage'

The idea that a small plane (rather than a 757 jetliner) crashed into the Pentagon first rose to prominence in early 2002, following the release of five frames of video from a Pentagon security camera, which appear to show a plane much smaller than a jetliner approaching the Pentagon's west wall and then exploding on impact. Photographic evidence of the attack scene seemed to corroborate the small plane theory by showing a paucity of debris on the lawn in front of the damaged facade (which showed no signs of passengers, seats, luggage, or large aircraft parts), and an entry hole that was too small to accomodate the entire profile of a 757 jetliner. Many skeptics found it difficult or impossible to reconcile such evidence with the crash of a jetliner, failing to appreciate the degree to which a high-speed crash can shred an aircraft and parcitularly one's extremities -- into small debris.

ERROR: 'The Pentagon Attack Left No Aircraft Debris' and Michael Elliot

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