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outsourcing of U.S. jobs? When, Where, Who Knows What?

Watching the debate between Senate candidates Rick Santorum Robert Casey, Jr., first-hand, I couldn't help noticing Mr. Casey's absolutely arrogant refusal to answer a question posed to him concerning Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System's stock-investments and such investments being placed in companies which outsource PA/USA jobs.

The Post-Gazette notes the question asked, and Casey's refusal to answer this question. They also post the link to video of the debate.

Granted, the (Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System )outsourcing issue isn't the only hot issue in the senatorial race between Santorum and Casey.

However, it is indicative of Casey not believing he is indeed accountable for knowing "who, what, when, where, and how" concerning millions upon millions of Pennsylvania taxpayers' monies.

Not only that, but Mr. Casey has attempted to raise the outsourcing of jobs issue against Santorum, but nothing has panned out on that front.


Both candidates were evasive to varying degrees, but Mr. Casey more so. That was partly because, at least twice, Mr. Santorum asked questions designed to trip him up -- first, he wanted to know if Mr. Casey remembered the name of former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami; second, he asked Mr. Casey if he knew precisely what percentage of the Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System's assets is invested in companies that are notorious for outsourcing jobs (he said the answer was 25 percent).

Casey Accomplishments Touted

Investigation sought into shipyard agreement

But no investigation about PA monies invested in firms "notorious for outsourcing jobs."


Rendell delivers taxpayers' monies roundabout to:

Vertex Outsourcing LLC

Fayette reaps state funding during Rendell's tenure
By Amy Zalar, Herald-Standard

...The projects are mostly concentrated around Uniontown and Connellsville, but include nearly every municipality throughout the county. Fayette County's lead development agency, Fay-Penn Economic Development Council, received $3.7 million for nine projects, including the largest allocation of $900,000 for a loan for Vertex Outsourcing LLC in Georges Township...

(see Herald Standard,

Workers being hired at Smithfield call center
By Tribune-Review News Service
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Employees at NiSource Inc.'s call center in Smithfield, Fayette County, who days ago were sweating possible job losses, now will be gaining more work and workers.

Vertex Outsourcing LLC, the English company that IBM hired to operate the Smithfield call center, is looking for roughly 150 employees at its new facility, according to advertisements placed at the Pennsylvania CareerLink office in Uniontown. Vertex also is sponsoring a two-day career fair at the CareerLink Uniontown location ending today. Roughly 170 employees now work at Smithfield and are expected to become Vertex employees on July 1.

"This agreement between NiSource and IBM will mean the closing of call centers in Lexington (Ky.) and Marble Cliff (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio)," said NiSource spokesman Rob Boulware, who would not comment further.

IBM and NiSource last week announced a $1.6 billion support service contract, under which some 572 NiSource employees would join IBM or its designated subcontractor, with an additional 445 positions eliminated by year-end 2006. The deal is expected to save Merrillville, Ind.-based NiSource, the parent of Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, $530 million over the life of the 10-year deal.

By Marsha Forys
Monday, July 25, 2005

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell on Sunday continued his four-day trek through western Pennsylvania, doling out grants, tax credits and low-interest loans aimed at spurring the local economy and creating jobs.
The most significant announcement, according to Dave Yeager, a member of the Governor's Action Team, was one made in Smithfield, Fayette County.

There Rendell presented a check totaling $5.5 million to NiSource Inc., parent of Columbia Gas, and the third largest natural gas distribution company in the United States.

The financial package includes a $1.5 million Opportunity Grant, $500,000 in job training assistance, $1.5 million in job creation tax credits and a $2 million Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority loan.

Yeager said the development package will allow NiSource to consolidate its customer service operations from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Massachusetts to Fayette County.

NiSource has entered into a 10-year agreement with IBM to operate the consolidated center, helping to retain 170 jobs while creating an additional 330...

What is not clear to the general public, the location in Smithfield, PA is in a tax-free Keystone Opportunity Zone, so the owners get out of paying most state taxes, and local property taxes, etc. for a period of some 10 to 12 to 15 years. (KOZ legislation continually changes and expands for longer periods of tax-abatement.) In addition, of course the large (taxpayers' monies) grants given to the company, and as well, low interest loans, and so forth and so on.

Fayette KOZ areas - numerous

Fayette Business Park


AMC report: Offshoring computing jobs not a real threat to US economy and job situation
There has been a near-panic situation because of the outsourcing of computing positions from the US. However, according to a study published in the New York Times, this fear is largely unfounded.

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