Friday, October 06, 2006

Brian Lamb Fails us Again

I could not believe my ears this morning while watching Brian Lamb handle the question of the day. For some reason, C-Span has chosen to weigh in on the Mark Foley scandal with the question: Are Dems or Republicans better at handling sex scandals. After only 15 minutes into the callers speaking out, one man calls and begins elaborating on the question by being very descriptive of the well, you know what.

Lamb listens and lets the person continue to the end, which anyone with any common sense, was aware was building to a point of no return.

Then, Lamb says, I'm sure our listeners were not too pleased with that last caller. from now on when you get too graphic, we're going to cut you off.

Mr. Lamb, you were taken advantage of and you had to know that while listening to the man speaking. Why did you let him go on? He was obviously prepared with his provocative speech in an effort to see how far he could go on C-span.

You let him offend.

Why aren't we asking why the damn FBI who wiretaps regular citizens didn't capture Foley in this scandal years and years ago!

Why even ask the question you are asking when the American public still does not have the full story of September 11, 2001 and how President Clinton mishandled Bin Laden and how President Bush mishandled Bin Laden who has not yet reportedly been captured.

Where is the FBI? That's what programming of the former caliber of C-Span should be asking.

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