Thursday, February 25, 2010

Republicans Calling Democrats on Bringing Down Costs Tomorrow

Fortunately, we only had time to watch the opening 15 minutes of the so-called health care summit.

What was striking, one of the Republicans Coburn, said we could cut costs tomorrow by tackling the 15 percent of fraud, waste, and abuse in government-run health care program called Medicare!

We enjoyed that one. 'Tomorrow,' tomorrow - ok the ball's in the Democratic hands - have to add the ic or we're accused of being ah 'partisan' - and what did Pelosi and Reid say - and President Obama? Uh we have our bill here's what it contains we deal with that.

What they didn't say is how, and when? We have to read 2,700 pages of legalese and very likely inconsistencies to determine those answers?

As we've said before, we're opposed to the 'individual mandate' to purchase health care insurance and thus will not be supporting any portion of the legislation no matter what it purports to do.

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Looks like a decent report...

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