Friday, February 19, 2010

Con: Private Citizen Summons July 2010 Con-Con

Can't say we wouldn't want to attend the private citizen's Constitutional Convention. Just to disabuse him of the notion our nation was founded as a democracy.

So not. The United States was founded as a republic, a nation of laws, if you can keep it.

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Private citizen, Thomas Sulcer, wants to hold a Second Constitutional Convention in July 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Intelligent critique of America
Reviewed by Thomas W. Sulcer, 2009-07-13

My guess is that the American political process is broken. It can't fix itself. The ONLY possible solution, in my view, is repairing the Constitution.

Therefore, as a private citizen, I am summoning a Second Constitutional Convention to meet in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, beginning July 4th, 2010, to craft a revised Constitution, based on the old one, which (1) restores citizenship as a meaningful relation between people and the state, and between people, with specific responsibilities and privileges spelled out by the new Constitution (2) prevents tyranny, terrorism, and crime using a general principle of exposure (explained in my book) (3) restores the federal structure so states can regulate their respective economies (4) reduces partisanship (5) fixes the flawed foreign policy architecture (currently too much power is invested with one overburdened official, the president; I propose an alternative) (6) restores a balance of power between branches of government (currently the executive has too much power) (7) de-politicizes the judiciary (8) explores whether a parliamentary system might be better for America and (9) restores democracy. Further, there is a long list of problems with the current Constitution cited by scholars such as Sanford Levinson (e.g. small states are over-represented in the Senate.) Amendments won't suffice. I don't think we can count on an enlightened president to solve the problem, because part of the problem is excessive presidential power. I do not see Americans as citizens with sufficient awareness or power to act, but my calls to enlightened elites have been ignored, so I see a Convention as highly unlikely. Therefore, my unfortunate prediction is that America is sinking into second-rate weirdness, unable to protect itself against serious terrorism, financial meltdowns, gridlock, partisanship, apathy, government corruption, tyranny, needless war, and the best that we can hope for is that the deterioration happens gradually rather than suddenly.

Thomas W. Sulcer
author of "Common Sense II: How to Prevent the Three Types of Terrorism" (Amazon/Kindle)
soon free electronically via Google Books and Project Gutenberg

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