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Pledge allegiance to the flag and the republic for which flag stands

A single comment made by Michael Krajovic should be a rallying sound to all who understand the true foundation of our nation. We who know that the Pledge of Allegiance is to the United States flag and to the republic - if you can keep it - for which the flag of the United States stands - must reject the continued attempt by anyone, even Sarah Palin, to tag our nation as a democracy, and to misguidedly claim our 'service' by way of collective taxation is to fund whatever the government determines is the 'united common good.'

By way of a question, Mr. Krajovic posed in his published statement (Herald-Standard Significance of new vo-tech school not to be underestimated February 14, 2010) higher taxation for the building of a new vocational technical center is not just a must-do, it is an absolute must for the life of the county and its economy.

Krajovic's words are not just chilling. They show a frame of mind that wholly believes that your individual right to earn a living by working and what you do with those earnings is not your individual right.

Your hard-earned money is not yours to do with as you wish. No. Your money must be taken from you in the form of not simply 'just' taxes - just meaning for those functions which are the domain of government - limited government by design - but your income in taxes must be taken from you at a higher level to enable the dream of others who desire whatever they desire to be fulfilled.

In this case, what Mr. Krajovic desires is a new vocational technical "public" school building funded with an increase in local property taxation which is the form of taxation in Pennsylvania that funds our public school system.

To Mr. Krajovic, we pledge allegiance to the "united common good."

And what Mr. Krajovic believes is the united common good, a new building, must be funded or the county gains over the last many years, in his opinion and mind, will be lost.

Had Mr. Krajovic used the word "collective" common good, he'd have given up the game he and others have played for decades. By using "united" common good he hides behind the word that actually has a far different understanding than "collective."

Mr. Krajovic, a private citizen, at the helm of an economic development agency (public-private), wants an increase in taxes for his desire, his dream.

We've heard this one before. Private citizen wants some thing promoted as being for the public's common good. Instead of using all private resources, one's own, or those collected from others voluntarily, the private citizen wants public monies, every other taxpayer's hard-earned salary or property, taxed for whatever will fulfill the dream.

An amphitheater which sponsors plays.

A coal-mine small scale theme park.

Renovation of theaters.

Mr. Krajovic can't even think for one moment, if he or others making hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries annually want these things why don't they pool their collective private resources and fulfill their own dream?

Why not? Because they can free up their own monies for whatever else they want and desire for themselves - a private collection of artwork, perhaps a speedboat or new car every year - by having the cost of their dream shared by the public.

To their benefit, they often head up agencies and charitable organizations that pay them some no small fee for their services.

The public has no recourse but to pay the taxes they are obligated to pay at threat of loss of residence or business property, and fines, and potentially jail time for failure to pay whatever government deems is the cost of government.

How does Mr. Krajovic explain the failure of the Keystone Opportunity Zone program, ongoing for ten years, and recently extended for another 7-years, maybe longer if new legislation comes along after 7-years, to draw the kind of manufacturing plants or even industrial plants that would employ hundreds of thousands of new employees, promised by Mr. Krajovic in making his pitch to the municipal, school, and county boards of supervisors, directors, and commissioners?

Mr. Krajovic doesn't explain any failure of the KOZs to attract the massive influx of investment, and the creation of new jobs, not merely recycled jobs as has been the norm not only in Fayette, but across the state of Pennsylvania.

We have called for the board of commissioners to dismiss the entity Mr. Krajovic presides over, Fay Penn Economic Development Charity, yes, unbelievable, Charity, as the county's lead economic development 'agency' for some years now.

The commission board should see fit to do so immediately or at least a motion by one commissioner to hopefully gain a second, if not a unanimous vote, should be made at the next meeting of the board.

Mr. Krajovic should be held accountable for his agency which has so far failed the county to generate the promised hundreds of thousands of jobs via the Keystone Opportunity Zones.

Yes the promise ten-years back and counting was high-paying and thousands upon thousands of new jobs, new employers and newcomers from outside the area. Newcomers who would need to build adequate for them houses. Those newcomers would buy or build anew and houses and upscale property would add to the tax base of the individual school districts where located.

Questions should also be asked about ownership of the property proposed as the site of the new taxpayer-bought and funded vocational technical school.

Is the owner of the property an entity with which Mr. Krajovic is affiliated?

If Mr. Krajovic so believes a vocational technical school is absolutely crucial why doesn't he start up a private funding stream if the quality of students promised to be produced are also crucial to the continued existence of the county?

In other words, start your own private school funded wholly through private sources.

That is not something Krajovic believes in since the entirety of his comments rest on the idea of "the united common good."

Chilling comments pepper Mr. Krajovic's piece.

The most dangerous is this idea our very citizenship is based on a pledge of allegiance to the united common good.

our pledge of allegiance to the united common good

this is so misguided it is difficult to know where to begin to burst this fallacy.

Back to the Republic is must-read. As is the Constitution of the United States. As is the body of work called The Federalist Papers.

As is a reading and rereading of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Net the Truth Online

(I) pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all.

Back to the Republic

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