Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lou Dobbs Mr. Independent Channel Ahead?

Message from a viewer which Dobbs read tonight: hey Lou Olympia Snowe said in defense of her yea vote... when history calls... history calls... What about when the people call?

Gotta love cable switching and the net, hey.

Remarks of Olympia Snowe

What's Dobbs been up to lately?

Honest debate. Invites both sides of global warming issue, discusses illegal immigration and so-called comprehensive immigration reform... and any other hot issue current and past.

Again, don't miss tonight's transcript. He says leftists are calling for his ouster... he asks his guest point blank should every illegal immigrant in this country receive amnesty.

Yes Rep. Louis Gutierrez or whomever says if the undocumented have not broken any other law than entering the country...

The pair then discuss e-verify... but the Rep. won't stipulate e-verify could provide solution in curbing illegal immigration, in fact he faults it... says we need e-verify plus...

Can't you just hear a Lou Dobbs viewer now?

Plus what?

As for Dobbs, if he does leave CNN but doesn't go to Fox he'll survive. Maybe he can start his own network. The Independent Channel.

Is Lou Dobbs Going To Fox?
by Rachel Sklar | 2:02 am, October 12th, 2009» 13 comments

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