Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Continental Congress by We the People

what's afoot? Internet voting used? Or all mail? Interesting. We take no position on this at this time, just for info.

Ah it looks like the election of delegates occurred in the 21 sign-on states. Conducted by paper ballot mail-in, it appears, with report of results online.

Note PA Results Hagan Smith name interesting

Texas results Michael Badnarak

We the People continental congress


Continental Congress 2009 - The Next Step For A Free People


...Following high-integrity vote counting and tabulation protocols, votes will be counted by hand in full view of the public at each state Election Center (on October 10th) and then combined with votes cast by mail and sent to the national mail-in vote Center in Austin, TX (on October 17th).

The public hand-counting vote protocol being adopted as part of the CC2009 initiative, is the subject of current federal litigation brought by the We The People Foundation against New York state election officials seeking to end all machine based voting based on the inherent (and unconstitutional) vulnerabilities of machine or electronic voting. The essence of the complaint is that machine based vote counting is essentially performed in secret by un-auditable counting mechanisms inside the machines, and is not visible to the public. WTP’s National Clean Elections Lawsuit, NCEL, is scheduled for jury trial in September, 2010 where a panel of Americans from New York state will decide if machine or electronic voting is constitutional.

News Talk PA

WHAT: A citizens’ election for delegates to the upcoming Continental Congress 2009, which will convene in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and the Continental Congress of 1774. This assembly of We the People will convene this November 8th-22nd in response to ongoing and escalating governmental violations of the Constitution and Amercia’s founding documents. Voters will elect three delegates from the slate of delegate nominees in each of the 50 states, and from the District of Columbia. The organizer is Robert Schulz of We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education.

The testimony of the constitutional violations will be broadcast world-wide along with the deliberations of the 153 citizen-elected delegates. These delegates are taking on the responsibility to collaborate and produce a blueprint for civic-actions that all Americans can take to peacefully and lawfully bring about compliance with the Constitution … the very Freedom document that our elected officials have sworn an oath to uphold.

Citizens can learn about the delegates who have been nominated in each state by visiting ( )
Details about walk-in voting locations for selected states and the mail-in ballots and instructions on how to vote can also be found there.

NOTE: This is NOT a Constitutional Convention. The modern day Continental Congress is to Defend, NOT amend the Constitution. This is a non-partisan process devoid of party politics.

Delegate Election at “Voting Centers” in 18 states will be held SATURDAY, October 10th, 2009 for in-person voting. Citizens across the country are invited to cast a transparent, and constitutionally-correct, paper ballot for up to three (3) citizen delegates to represent their state at CC2009.

Mail-in voting with ballots postmarked by October 10th will be counted on October 17th, 2009. Final results will be posted at the CC2009 web site on October 18th. To access ballots and Registration Forms, go to, and click on the Vote Here links for mail-in registration form, ballot downloads and instructions.

Continental Congress 2009 will be held November 8th – 22nd , 2009, at Pheasant Run Resort and Convention Center in St. Charles, IL.

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