Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glenn Beck Laying out Road to Dictatorship

Beck appears to be on the road to a lot of what ifs that have to happen before the U.S. gets to where he believes the country is headed. He did it on his program today, and he's done it before.

Hey, we can do that too. But just knock down one what if - doesn't happen - the entirety of the theory is in dispute.

Anyway makes for interesting reading and viewing... potential warning...

July 21

409-Glenn Beck Clips 07-21-09
Seg 1-America in Transition But What Will We End Up As?

Glenn Beck: What system are we?
July 21, 2009 - 14:17 ET

...So the question today I have for you is what system are we? Are we capitalist anymore? Are we a socialist? Are we a communist? Are's an oligarchy? I'm going to tell you what I think we are in a few minutes...

GLENN: Okay, the next one, the last one is fascism. Listen to this one.

...PAT: A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

GLENN: Let's go back and take this one apart. I personally think we are on the road. We're not any of these right now, including capitalism. We're not any of these because we are going through a metamorphosis. We are a caterpillar in a cocoon right now. When the cocoon comes off, what are we going to be? I believe we are headed towards one of the last two: Oligarchy or fascism. Listen to you have the oligarchy. That is basically a system where, look, it's Russia. Russia's got, you know, popular elections, they do it. But everybody knows Putin runs the show. And he's living by the Russian constitution. What? He's the prime minister now. What? He had term limits. What? He's not running things. Yes, he is. You know it and I know it. And who's really running the country? Putin is the strong man making sure that business runs right. And if you are not doing the things that he wants, you are dead. More journalists die in Russia than any other country. It is a dangerous place because it is run by the uber powerful and the uber rich. Don't even think about trying to break that system up. No matter where you are, they will kill you. That's what's happening in Russia. Is that where we're headed? When the cocoon breaks? Are we an oligarchy? Or are we a fascistic state. Listen carefully.

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