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Balloon Boy Upchucking while Parents Interviewed

Update Nancy Grace asks good-good questions during her Wednesday programming and interview of Robert Thomas...

what was the plan, Nancy asks Robert Thomas... his idea was to use a weather balloon and spin off of Roswell... create mass of controversy... publicity...

October 19, 2009 10:30 AM
"Mad Scientist" Richard Heene Cooked Up Balloon Boy Hoax Months Ago, Says Denver Man

...Investigators said they want to interview Robert Thomas, who claimed Heene had told him he was planning a media stunt. Thomas, a self-described researcher, sold his story to and provided the Web site with e-mail exchanges between himself and Heene. Thomas said the proposed show would feature Heene as a mad scientist who carries out various experiments.

"This will be the most significant UFO-related news event to take place since the Roswell Crash of 1947, and the result will be a dramatic increase in local and national awareness about The Heene Family, our Reality Series, as well as the UFO Phenomenon in general," according to a copy of the show's proposal provided to the site by Thomas. editor-in-chief Gabriel Snyder confirmed the New York-based Web site paid Thomas -- but declined to say how much -- for a story billed with the headline: "Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax."

Snyder said Thomas was planning to meet with investigators Sunday night, though sheriff's officials did not return messages seeking confirmation.

Messages left for Thomas by The Associated Press were not returned.

Thomas, 25, said in his story that the plan he knew about did not involve Heene's children...

Balloon Boy Hoax to Rival Roswell Crash of 1947; Reseacher Claims to Have Helped Richard Heene
October 19, 2009

Update Family Video Rap Song

Dad explains they let the boys cuss at home because he cusses and he isn't going to be a hypocrite... they can cuss in the home but not outside...

interviewer asks, but the rap song is on video on youtube that's outside...

listen to Heene's explanation ...

Update. As more comes out concerning the boys and how they've accompanied Dad on some adventures of storm chasing, the youngest boy's story still doesn't add up.

Except for the incidences of the boy upchucking live on Tv, 6-year old Falcon Heene appears extremely hyperactive.

He fidgets while sitting on his Dad's lap during the Larry King interview. One police officer said the boy was hyperactive after it's conjectured he remained in the attic-garage in a box during the search and recovery of the empty balloon.

Sure he did. For five hours? 5 hours when just outside the house a mass of neighbors and filming crew had gathered?

did he have to use the bathroom at any time in 5 hours? Didn't he get hungry? Did he have a supply of candy or snacks or drinks?

Bet the police didn't do a search at all after an investigator found the boy in the garage. In a box. Even if he fell asleep - it's the middle of the day, not night-time. How long could a six year old sleep even if he did take a nap in the middle of the day? Plus the yard was filled with neighbors, phones were ringing, police cars were pulling up - in other words, noise, noise, noise.

It's unbelievable this boy remained out of sight and in a box in an upper level of the garage for 5 hours.

And why was there no search by investigators of the house or garage from the getgo?

They were told something that made them believe one neither Dad or Mom saw the balloon actually released and going up untethered

two one of the older boys claimed the 6-year old climbed into the compartment and closed the door.

Has anyone thoroughly looked at the compartment claimed to be what the boy climbed into?

Because from the family's video it appears there is no dangling box aside from what looks like a compartment.

That's on takeoff.

The absence of any other compartment than the one visible in the video and the fact both parents were present upon takeoff points to inconsistencies in the story given all around.

Interview morning after after? Without the boys.

So this situation must be investigated keeping in mind the family is unusual. They've planned adventures and the boys have participated. Dad had contacted other tv programs and TMZ

And why is it inconceivable a 6-year old is coached to do something that the family considers everything an 'adventure,' and who can prove the boy remained inside that box for 5 hours? Is there another entry or exit from the rafters?

Not only that, the ladder reaching the rafters seems like it is dangerous. Who is to say the boy ever hid up there? Where exactly was he found? Actually in the rafters? below at the ladder area?

It's not inconceivable in the least if there is a hidden door that would allow entry from the rafters into the home, the boy could have been anywhere with family members prompting him to play along on the adventure.

Not inconceivable at all.

Colorado authorities said the Heene family's balloon saga shows no indication it was a hoax, but a video taken of the homemade helium balloon as it floated away raises more questions about the incident.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said Friday he has no evidence to believe the Heene family carried out a publicity stunt when their balloon broke away Thursday with their 6-year-old son mistakenly thought to be inside.

The boy was found hiding in the home's garage Thursday afternoon, hours after the balloon launched and traveled more than 50 miles.

But a home video released Friday shows that the boy, Falcon Heene, was nowhere near the balloon as it floated off — despite claims from the boy's 10-year-old brother that Falcon was inside the balloon when it broke away. The boy's father, Richard Heene, is also seen standing next to the balloon as it flew from the family's backyard.

Alderden said any suggestion that the boy was coached to hide seems "inconceivable.",2933,567304,00.html?test=latestnews

Very odd. Morning Joe showed clips of everything, literally everything that came up in the aftermath of the drama.

The clips of the boy throwing up

warning video graphic

Huff Post article with video explains an earlier morning taping and live appearance

Whatever. First at home for a satellite interview, then a Live interview, are these parents this dispassionate? the boy was obviously either nervously ill, or maybe he's sick?

Who cares what Dad said, the boy is obviously feeling ill.

Very odd behaviour.

It's really just incredulous. You are the parent. OK maybe you think the boy's just nervous, but you don't know. How many cases of the swine flu in Colorado?

Why were the three boys home anyway on a school day? School was out? It wasn't Columbus Day.

With the swine flu going around as it is, one has to wonder why parents would be this unconcerned the instant a child of any age throws up.

Who would not immediately stand up and say the interview is over, my son takes precedence.

The host also has some major explaining to do... the boy's throwing up and she has to get in just how many questions over how many minutes:

Was this a hoax?

Well we may never know, the clip ends there...

But that was one sick boy.

Really, whether this turns out to be a hoax by the two older boys who reportedly were using a videocam to film the balloon taking off, or a scam by Dad to get his invention some attention, or nothing more than a mishap, these parents need some sort of counseling.

Larry King Live

... said we did this for a show...

thing is the who said is inaudible!

Larry King Live Interview Transcript


Uh oh Morning Joe showing clip of video wherein Dad is releasing the balloon... one son approaches as the balloon is going up, up up... Dad not listening... kicks at the ground... guess somebody didn't securely tie down the balloon it wasn't supposed to be released.

Really now. You don't know at all times where your child is located during an experiment of any nature?

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