Saturday, May 07, 2011

O'Reilly: Native American Community Don't be Offended Geroninmo Just a Code Name for Bin Laden

Has O'Reilly any kind of sense? Our government can do NO wrong by using Geronimo as a code name for the most-wanted TERRORIST the world has ever sought?

His two guests agreed with him. Arthelle Neville and Greg Gutfield. The government did no wrong, the military did no wrong by using a Native American name as a code for a slaughterer, murderer, claimed by the government to be responsible for the loss of 3,000 lives on United States soil (how many jumped out of World Trade Center building there's a good question on history tests)?

I could understand Gutfield and O'Reilly. Neocons, apparently. Stong-g hand.

Neville? No empathy, no common sense, no sympatico?

Why the hell wasn't the code name an acronym? Aim To Kill. ATK. Or anything benign.

Why select the name of a well known defender of his people? Geronimo.

Our government should apologize profusely. And whoever came up with the code should be out of a job. We're sure it wasn't President Barack Obama. And if he had any authorization of the code name - oh ok - I agree to Geronimo - he should be looked at even far more closely than he has been per his early childhood teaching.

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