Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Glenn Beck: Destabilization Following Osama bin Laden's (days ago) Death

What more can be said? Glenn Beck spent many minutes dismissing any questioning surrounding the shooting of Osama bin Laden, such as was it really him since according to several experts, it takes days to obtain results from DNA testing, but somehow, "they" according to Dr. Baden as we noted in an earlier piece, "knew (from DNA) within 5 hours."

Beck then presented his - not a conspiracy theory - that destabilization would occur in the region due to bin Laden's death. He went on at length using his charts indicating he could accept such was intentional destabilization and even used lack of a quick U.S. response concerning Egypt's protests and turmoil as an example of such intentional destabilization!

Next, Beck introduced a guest and says he has few guests on he doesn't agree with many and it's usually just bull-crap - but this guest does not give us any bull-crap.

Michael Scheuer says it's going to be a long war and we're going to be fighting it for a very long time.

The pair move on to the Muslim Brotherhood... then in the final minutes Schaer said exactly what Beck had been angling for:

The Pakistan government is corrupt...

Beck made some comment just before that concerning destabilation.

"no matter if intentional or unintentional destabilization, it will happen..."

Goodbye Glenn. may you dream of butterflies along with dreaming up your own conspiracy uh not conspiracy theories.

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Khan: Pakistan has 'our most corrupt government'
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Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast: 02/09/2010

Reporter: Tony Jones

Politician and cricketing great Imran Khan says Pakistan has a bigger problem with corruption than with Islamic extremism.


Interview Michael Scheuer by CFR


CIA Veteran Michael Scheuer ‘Only the Taliban Are Not Corrupt’

Interview conducted by Marc Hujer
Der Speigel online

SPIEGEL: The US now has to face accusations that it is financing the very corruption it is promising to fight.

Scheuer: Not really. President Obama knew about this. His intelligence advisors knew about this. If he’s smart I’m sure the president would want to have somebody close to Karzai to know what’s going on. The US government and other governments are lying when they say that they can clean up corruption and win the war.

SPIEGEL: Is Washington being energetic enough in trying to fight corruption?

Scheuer: We’re really not in a position to push these people. Who’s going to replace them? There isn’t anyone less corrupt. Probably the only incorrupt people in Afghanistan are the Taliban. If you want no corruption, give the government back to the Taliban.


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