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WENY-TV Asks Why Discrepancy Between States List Marcellus Shale Hydrofraking chemicals

List of PA Marcellus Shale Hydrofracking Chemicals Revealed (VIDEO)
Jeevan Vittal

June 29, 2010

ELMIRA (WENY) – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is planning to release a complete list of chemicals used in hydro racking.

WENY-TV was able to obtain an early copy. The list contains every day substances ranging from sugar and table salt to more toxic ones like formaldehyde.

Some of the chemical compounds are associated with neurological problems and other health issues - environmental advocates are worried the chemicals are poisoning underground drinking water.

It’s believed to be the first complete catalog of natural gas drilling chemicals used to drill in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania.

This DEP list only mentions about 85 chemicals.

We crosschecked this with list of known chemicals from New York State, which has about 200 more chemicals on it.

We’re working with experts to break these lists down for you, and find o0ut why the lists vary so much from state to state.

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Drilling water ban a boon?
Official: EPA ruling could mean more volume at plant
April 20, 2011

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"Drilling water ban a boon?"

Are you kidding me??? Pennsylvania bans this toxic mixture, and you're excited to welcome it here in Warren? do the research before you act like it's just "waste water", theres some bad stuff in that water & I don't want to drink it - do you? "some of the 85 fracking chemicals listed by the Pennsylvania DEP are xylene, toluene and tetramethylammonium chloride - chemicals that can lead, with prolonged exposure, to liver damage in humans and can even be fatal."

Stop killing everyone just to make a quick buck. Have a nice day!

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