Thursday, April 14, 2011

Admission Tea Party Crashed by Establishment Republicans

How Dare They Crash Our Tea Party

By Kirk Shelley
Published 03/08/10

I've seen a few articles floating around the Web concerning the political class's attempt to "take over" the so-called Tea Party movement. Republican politicians are speaking at their rallies; some of their organizations are backed by establishment sources. Most critics fret for the future of the movement and offer this or that recommendation for preserving the movement's integrity.

The phenomenon unfolding should come as no surprise. The tea parties were, from the beginning, an expression of outrage toward status quo politicians. Do you really not expect politicians not to act in self defense? They manipulate events, twist words and lie. Of course they are going to take over the tea party.

In this battle for the tea party movement, there is a lesson. Why would anyone expect that a "bottom up" or "grassroots" organization is beyond being taken over? These organizations are the most vulnerable to takeover. If you want to be informal, unincorporated, and allow everyone to participate, then "everyone," including politicians, will.

Also, regarding another sore point about the tea parties:

If you define "neo con" as being pro-war or pro-interventionist foreign policy then you need to realize that most Republicans hold those views. 57% of all citizens think we are doing the right thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. 71% of the GOP is all in favor of invading anyone we think is a threat. The Democratic Party is split 47/46. There shouldn't be any surprise that most people showing up at a tea party are all in favor of blowing up anyone who gets in America's way, even if they were never in our way in the first place. (

If you think our current foreign policy is wrong, recognize the reality going in and try to pursue those who don't agree with you, don't smash into them head on: you won't get far with this crowd. However, you can assume that most of this crowd is going to understand the principles of limited/constitutional government, so use that common frame of reference. If they can understand that the government is lying about everything else, sooner or later they will catch on that they're lying about foreign threats, too. ( Leave the issue alone until you get to know someone well enough that you can have a civil discussion with them. Don't browbeat them at their rallies

Are Sarah Palin's comments and interjections found to be unpalatable by Tea Party advocates of 'small government?'

Sarah Palin takes fight against media to India, slams Obama's 'indecisivness' over Libya situation
Saturday, March 19, 2011
Sarah Palin's taking her campaign against the 'lamestream media' worldwide.

When asked by an attendee at the India Today Conclave in New Dehli why she and John McCain were not able to beat President Obama in the 2008 election, the former vice presidential candidate blamed "the media" according to the Wall Street Journal.

The comments came after she blasted the mainsteam media as untrustworthy, but she quickly added "No, I'm kidding, no. Candidate Obama he had a strong campaign, he was the agent of change and though he was inexperienced and relatively unknown in the U.S., people still desired that change."

In the talk she also said that if she was president, she wouldn't have hesitated when it came to taking action on Libya.

Palin's Neocon Path by Jack Kenny The New American

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