Thursday, April 28, 2011

PA State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Addresses Proof Citizenship Residency Requirements for Candidates

It's worth noting state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's necessary legislation as noted in "Document release adds paper to 'birther' fire" Mike Wereschagin Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our state legislators have an obligation to measure up to their own Constitutional duties. What could be a more proper duty than vetting Pennsylvania election contenders before the formal election process begins.

We've all seen incidents in the state and our own localities wherein candidates have been challenged by opponents to determine whether residency requirements have been met. Usually such challenges are mounted by opponents, with a few challenges arising from district or precinct voters.

Most times, such efforts are successful. A judicial determination is made the challenged candidate does not meet residency requirements. These requirements are enveloped into the PA Election Laws, often, however, there are areas of grey in the law, and one is usually pretty certain before bringing a challenge that the challenge is legitimate.

Not all challenges regarding residency requirements are successful, and many simply are not brought due to the blowback inherent in such a challenge to an opponent.

Rarely do citizens bring a challenge forth because of the huge cost of such, and such must pretty much have strong grassroots support or the publicity of the effort will be a detriment.

Metcalfe's bill will go a long way to enabling voters to have an assurance that candidates who present themselves for election have met all of the state's requirements including citizenship, age, residency, and the broader other constitutional requirements.

We'd be remiss if we also didn't mention the legislator should also look into crafting a bill that forces local county board of elections to ensure the voter registration list for the county is as accurate as is possible. Every voting district and precinct should have completed a full review of the voter registry list at some point within so many years, say 5, and from then on be required to annually review the voter registry and remove any names (throught the proper process) that are not qualified to be on the voter registry.

Karl Rove has his nerve. Previously and recently, Rove was convinced it was only the "fringe" of conservatives who questioned President Barack Obama's birth location. He more than just chastised Donald Trump for seeking President Obama finally just release a copy of the sought-after long-form. Trump noted Hillary Clinton's campaign had raised questions about Obama's standing to be elected for just that reason though that was hush-hush among the mainstream media.

Rove was nearly livid that Trump would make such a huge issue of Obama's birth certificate, charging the request drew conservatives deeper into the insanity.

Now, after Obama released his long-form birth certificate, Rove still dismisses the effort as silly.

So all that Rove admits is more fringe-type people/conservatives were participating in an effort Rove tags as 'fringe.'

Rove's simply trying to make Trump look like the kind of candidate who only draws the 'fringe' to his causes and positions because they've been drawn to Trump on the "birther" issue.

We've said before we don't mind being lumped in with 'fringe' especially when the goal is to seek the truth and nothing but the truth, no matter what the revelations, no matter whom the truth hurts in its enlightenment and information.

If we're among the fringe because we want Pennsylvania to initiate a bill that imposes vetting of candidates at any level before the election process begins, so be it.

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As many as two-thirds of Republicans question Obama's birth in the United States, according to recent polls, including a New York Times/CBS poll released last week that found 45 percent of Republicans -- and 25 percent of all Americans -- believe Obama was not born in this country. That showed the claims were gaining traction beyond the fringe, said Karl Rove, President George W. Bush's chief strategist.

"He was happy to use it for his benefit, until it no longer benefited him," Rove said.

Releasing Obama's birth certificate "really doesn't affect the legislation I've introduced" to require similar documentation for all candidates in Pennsylvania, said state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry. He said the bill never targeted Obama.

"It was really kind of alarming that the state was not being responsible in (vetting candidates), from local to state to federal, to ensure that all of us meet the citizenship, age, residency and other constitutional requirements," Metcalfe said

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