Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Denier

It is so discouraging to watch Glenn Beck and Damon Vickers whenever the pair are together. Both deny any conspiracy has been afoot since the North America Free Trade Agreement and all its sub-agreements yet in Part 2/4 video, (youtube reposted at politicalwind here )both admit and accept as a given that wages in the United States will spiral downward to Mexico's.

Of course to Glenn Beck nothing is a conpiracy not even Cloward-Piven, not a an expressed desire by the United Nations for a global currency, blah blah. Just a bunch of like-minded getting together and hey, things happen.

Maybe One-World Government will happen, but to Beck, there's no conspiracy there.

Just a bunch of like-minded people who become President of the United States, appointees by President of the US who just happen to hold membership in organizations which lean toward globalization and historically so, blah, blah...

Anyway, watch the entire programming.

Then ask why doesn't Beck ever mention NAFTA, or the NAFTA Superhighway, or the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement, or anything and the New World Order in the same ranting-style he's become famous for complete with chalk and chalkboard at hand?

Why not?

You Tube!

Security and Prosperity Partnership (nothing to see here, really, repeats Beck)

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