Friday, December 31, 2010

No Hero Killer Billy the Kid could have been Pardoned by warped Gov. Richardson Why

AP: NM Gov. Declines to Pardon Outlaw Billy the Kid
NM governor declines to pardon legendary outlaw Billy the Kid, who was shot to death in 1881

Update: December 31, 2010 7:33 am EST

Obviously, Governor Richardson rethought his potential action and he declined to issue the pardon for Billy the Kid.

Good move, Gov. Richardson. What kind of a message would the pardon have sent? A poor message.

Aside from that, we say good-riddance to you Gov. Richardson. What kind of a warped character would even consider a pardon of ANY SORT for a known murderer any time no matter the "fun of history."

It is just unbelievable Richardson even considered the pardon for some several months. Guess he got a lot of press coverage over those months.

He made the announcement on Friday's Good Morning America might we say virtually at the last minute since he leaves office at midnight tonight.

Guess he thought people would be partying starting early and would miss his reversal and statement.

No, we won't publish that. It cannot overshadow equating a known killer's actions to the "fun of history..."

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12/31/10 about 7:15 am EST
Can you believe, as if the world isn't turned on its head enough with renaming illegal aliens, or illegal immigrants, you know, people who break the law by illegally entering the United States, as undocumented workers, now along comes Governor Richardson who's been tempted to issue a pardon of some sort - posthumously - to none other than Billy the Kid.

Interviewed on Fox News, which has been replayed, Gov. Bill Richardson had a good two-liner for giving the pardon to the infamous, Billy the Kid. this should go down in history, too:

"...this is a fun thing... it's history..."

.Billy The Kid Pardon?
by Kelly Burke | December 30, 2010
New Mexico Governor Considers Pardon for Billy the Kid

Hoolywood sorry, Hollywood, has glamorized Billy the Kid, says granddaughter of the sheriff credited with killing and stopping Billy the Kid.

He murdered law enforcement and he murdered others, too.

Hmmm. But to Gov. Richardson, that's history. That's fun.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Considers Pardoning Billy The Kid
» 18 commentsby Jon Bershad | 4:53 pm, December 29th, 2010

Please, do not pardon Billy the Kid. All that would do is make being an outlaw more attractive. And don't you have enough to deal there in New Mexico? How about election fraud? Why don't you dig into the history of that in New Mexico. Fun, huh.

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