Thursday, December 09, 2010

Glenn Beck: Assange Part of the "Revolutionaries"

It took some time tonight while watching Glenn Beck's chart pointing before understanding where Glenn Beck stood on the matter of Julian Assange and wikileaks, ahem leaking at one time classified government information to everybody with access to well, wikileaks, but we did it.

Julian Assange is part of the "Revolutionaries."

See You Tube from at least Part 3

We have to go back to when Beck unveiled his theory about what was happening, really happening, obviously once Barack Obama was sent to Washington DC as President, and once President Obama began to make some appointments, and President Obama had a visitor who visited numerous times and his name is George Soros, well if you have watched Glenn Beck in recent months you know his theory.

Revolutionaries cause chaos cause the top (authority) to squelch or attempt to squelch the chaos and out of this comes Transformational Change... and that's not good.

It seems Beck's theory rests on the point in time when Barack Obama entered stage DC.

But ah the 'revolution' that was laid out in a little known book by a little known author which Beck obtained from a little known library in a little known town that only he was able to get to cough up a copy of must be the last remaining copy of this little known book.

We'll find the title shortly, but suffice it to say this 'Revolution' Julian Assange is part of... it isn't a good one.

It isn't one Glenn Beck supports.

It is one that Beck has traced back to this little known book which contains the actual blueprint for how to bring about CHANGE, transformational CHANGE.

Something is going to ahem... break...

Stay tuned since Beck has already written the book entitled BROKEN, guess his follow-up will be


You Tube video

Part 1

part 2

Part 3

Net the Truth Online


We disagree with this headline and article. and the site only provides a clip of the program which features Beck's reference to Sarah Palin... One really has to watch from start to finish. We'll provide shortly.

WHOA Glenn Beck Criticizes Sarah Palin For Saying Julian Assange Should Be Hunted Like A Terrorist
Glynnis MacNicol | Dec. 9, 2010

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possumcatcher on Dec 7, 6:10 PM said:
I don't get it.

One second Beck is saying he doesn't support Assange or what he is doing. The next second he is saying the guy is doing what every media outlet should be doing including Fox - exposing the lies that our governments are telling us.

So whose side are you on Glenn?

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