Monday, December 27, 2010

Harsh Winter = Manmade Global Warming = Fiddle the Facts says Expert

Piers Corbyn appearing on Fox 'n Friends Monday morning slashed the concept believed by global warming enthusiasts that weather extremes (such as really really really cold weather in winter) are part of manmade global warming.

And the supportive "documentation" of the theory by scientists, that isn't science.

Corbyn called the documentation of the theory, "fiction."

His twitter account is twitter dot com piers underslash corbyn

More links and info from a google search well worth reading

We've covered both sides of the issue of global warming for several years now. See our links in our sidebar at the very bottom of our main page or use the search feature on the site to conduct a review of all we have managed to find on the issue.

Most notable finds are posted in the sidebar, too numerous to list here.

Of particular interest are two one-time notable skeptics, Reason Magazine's Ronald Bailey and as unfortunately Glenn Beck.

What's up with them?

We can't even begin to speculate why positions have changed over a mere few years, but they have...

Net the Truth Online:

Ronald Bailey: We're All Global Warmers Now

Astonishing development since Bailey edited a book entitled:

Global Warming and Other Eco Myths How the Environmental Movement Uses False Science to Scare Us to Death

NTTO: We're Not All Global Warmers Now

Search results (partial)

Paul Joseph Watson:

Anointed Leader of Conservative Movement Glenn Beck Now Believes in Man-Made Global Warming

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